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I keep meaning to link to this, and DARN IT I'm gonna do it now!

We went to Animazement this year, and as always, we went to Anime Hell, and as always, it was quite a trip. XD They've posted the lineup of videos here in case anyone wants to have a personal look into the depths of hell!

It was a mixed bag of things this year. Since it's the 20th anniversary of Animazement, they also included some old favorites, which was interesting to see, as some of them were from before I started attending hell (either because I hadn't started attending Animazement yet, or because I didn't drive and had to leave early so my parents could pick me up).

I think some of my favorites were Death Metal (because I appreciate that the artifacts of Satan would come with an aptitude test), the Orange Range music video for "Sushi" (because SUSHI, and also it's a fun bouncy song), and Double King (easily my second favorite thing of the night. My final review of it after it finished was "Oh my god. It's the life and times of the world's biggest asshole."). Easily my most favorite thing was the Hebocon update. I enjoyed the first Hebocon installment when it was shown a couple of years ago, and it was nice to see that it's still going. It also has SUCH a good message, in that it encourages people to try something new, even when those first few tries are going to suck, because, you know, you're a beginner.

Overall, not a bad showing!
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