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Okay, compy fixed, so I have pictures for the most recent entry!

Yay pictures! )
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Okay, since the compy is having issues with reading the card, we'll just do the first two weeks of catchup first.

Pictures and stuff! )
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So, I've been horribly lax on keeping up with the Avokids. Hooray school. I desperately need to fix that. It's been, what, four weeks now? At least now it's spring break and I can take a little bit of time to write it up. Luckily, I took pictures at the right time, and more luckily, they were salvaged when the compy they were on crashed, so expect a big Avocadocumentary report shortly.

I'll try to make up for my lack of upkeep and keep everyone busy whilst I write up the report with a clip of an awesome bird, the lyre bird.

CHAINSAW, people.
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Okay, yes, sorry about the delay on this. I can blame it at least partially on flailing about as I attempt to get situated in grad school. But enough excuses from me. Things are afoot!

In particular, this may be the worst mistake of my life, with the fate of the world at stake.

Pictures of said mistake )
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Well, I haven't been too talkative lately, what with holidays and relatives visiting and all that good stuff. But the avokids are doing well! They have, in fact, given me presents in the forms of lovely growth!

Pictures and stuff! )
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I've gotta stop being so lazy with this. I meant this to go out...uhm...Friday? XD;;

So no dallying! )
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Geez I'm behind. As a result, stuff's happened.

And some stuff didn't happen )
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Hoo boy. I come back from Florida and discover that both Hal and Avobaby have been busy in the growth department.

Who's influencing who, I wonder? )
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Since I'm gonna be gone next week, I'm doing the report this week. And it is exciting!

Really! Well, maybe. )
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Heard enough from me yet? ^_^;;

Okay, deciding that Avobaby would probably need a couple of weeks for adjustment, which I'd rather not have happening while we're away, I bit the bullet and repotted Avobaby. I went and found the biggest pot I have that isn't occupied, washed it out, and plopped Avobaby into it. I have to tell you, there were some very tense moments, the worst I think was when I was inverting Avobaby to get it out of its pot, and then righting it upwards again for insertion into the new pot. Talk about nerve-wracking. The whole time I was going "Don't snap don't snap don't snap don't snaaaaap. ;_;"

Luckily, there was no snappage. Although, I'm a little worried about Avobaby's roots. While loosening the root ball, pretty much the lower half of the soil attached to it broke away, and I think it took a large part of the roots with it. I'm not sure yet. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

But, for now, it's done. Avobaby is now in a nice big pot with lots of room, and for an added luxury, mulch! I figure it'll help with water conservation, not to mention it'll keep the soil from moving all over the place like it's wont to do. It is, however, listing pretty badly. Hopefully Avobaby will right itself out over time. At the moment it looks like it had a weee bit too much to drink.

"I schwear I'm not drunk! Look, I'm rock as a schteady!"
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Okay, there's been a little activity these past couple of weeks.

As seen behind the cut! )
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Hm. I appear to be lapsing into more of a once-every-two-weeks update, as opposed to weekly. To be honest, I don't think enough has been happening on a weekly basis to really warrant a whole post. Maybe once Hal gets moving I'll go back to weekly. Hurry up, Hal! We're all waiting for you!

In the meantime, let's check in with Avobaby )
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As mentioned in the subject, I suck. I was kinda beat after Animazement last week, and was subsequently uninterested in doing anything afterwards but lolling around. I'm gonna try and redeem myself this week.

And so, on to the pictures! )
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Well, looks like there wasn't a ton happening, even with an extra week without pictures.

But, there was some! )
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Well, both good stuff and bad stuff this week.

As seen behind the cut )
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So, yeah, once again I'm a week behind. I blame it on mourning my tomato seedlings. Or possibly being lazy. Or both.

But in any case, on to the pictures! )
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Good things: Avobaby's big and healthy. Bad things: Avobaby's got mange.

Oh noes! Mange! )

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