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What does it mean when one dreams what essentially is what happens when you take Sailor Moon, trains, people from a renaissance festival, the whales from Star Trek IV (including the question of how they plan to repopulate an extinct species with only two, soon to be three, members), and a Cthulhu-type cult, put them all in a blender, and hit the frapee button?

ALSO. I just noticed the update button changed just as I was about to hit it. It's now the "Update Captain's Log" button. I dunno how it happened(unless it has something to do with the mention of Star Trek), but it's awesome. XD
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Just as I was flopping into bed last night, I was struck by an idea for a short short story. I had the character, the subject, where it would end up, everything needed to hammer it out, and I was ready to do it. But, it was rather late, and I needed to get to bed, else I would risk messing up my sleep schedule and being the walking dead today. I wasn't really inclined to wander around the house wishing we weren't fresh out of canned brains, so I figured, hey, I'm fairly motivated, so I can pick it up today.

Cue sleep and dreams of being in a race/scavenger hunt involving lots of hanging on ropes and rooting through gardens and having to give a yellow-orange striped carnation to someone which seemed to be a knight-type ritual where the person was supposed to act as my lady, or something. I don't get it either.

Maybe the race tired me out, but I woke up today with little/no motivation to do this story thing. ARGH. I guess my night-owl tendencies got the better of me. Maybe I can work myself up to do it later.
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What does it mean when one dreams that one got a call from his/her younger brother, calling from 15 years in the future, and it turns out he was calling a wrong number?
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You know you've got a sleeping problem/have bad sleeping habits when: When you actually do sleep, you have dreams that basically involve you saying to yourself, "Gee, I really, really need to get some sleep. I am so low on it. Hey, look how late it is! I'm going to be so beat in the morning." That's a funny little loop, there. XD I know it was a dream because the last time I checked, I wasn't living in a hotel room in the bottom of a skyscraper.

On a slightly different note, I've been seeing a lot of ads on TV for a new series called "Eureka". It looks intriguing. I think I may have to watch a couple of eps when it starts and see how it is. Does anyone else that's seen the previews have any thoughts on it?
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I'm still not quite sure what my brain was trying to do last night. I think it was a byproduct of some very intense, very random dreaming, but it appears my brain was trying to make a parody out of the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way" I think that's the name of the song. You know the one.

Anyway, the parody itself seemed to be a lament over skimpy clothing, as indicated by the single line my brain managed to produce, which I believe would be the first line of the chorus: "Tell me why you had to buy those hotpants." I got stuck though when I couldn't find a good rhyme for 'pants'. Or hotpants. Either one.

[ profile] spiderflower seemed to approve, though, for she was in the dream as well. I'm not quite sure what she was doing there, but she was there. ^_^;
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What does it mean when one dreams of a game wherein the playing field is like that of ice hockey (with ice and everything), but the rules and the way the game proceeds are like that of polo, with the players riding on camels?

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