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Taking the yarn icon out for a spin. <3

One of the signs of knitting geekdom: Finding and picking off bits of bright blue yarn fuzz from your keyboard. Yep.

Also, because I haven't done it in a while, GEP!

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Aaaaand, I'm back from DC! I think I got a fair bit done, although I could've used an extra day at the Smithsonian, easily. I did, however, get to do a bit of playing on Saturday, though. We went to the National Aquarium, which is small, but neat in that each of the exhibits holds representatives from the various and sundry national parks around the country. The awesomest thing, though, is that we went to the botanical garden near the capitol. It's GORGEOUS. There's a huge conservatory there with a canopy walk that I had way too much fun on.

I could babble on more, but I'm beat. I did take some pictures though, so hopefully I'll shuffle through those soon and put those up for your viewing pleasure. <3

In the meantime, EGGS. :D

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New eggs! :D

Including a NOSE EGG. Seriously. EGG. WITH A NOSE. I think I know what it is, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what it turns out to be. <3
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I saw a peculiar thing in the library today. At one of the computers, somebody had left an empty water bottle, and the remainder of a large roll of toilet paper, with a not-insignificant amount of paper still remaining. I feel like there's a story there, but I'm not quite sure what it is. XDDD

On a different note, I have new eggs, and feel the need to show them off. <3 Sadly, I could not get the mysterious NOSE EGG, which slipped between my fingers. Instead, I will content myself with face eggs. Maybe next time around. <3


Apr. 26th, 2009 10:02 pm
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Oh, okay, I give in. I'm a sheep. Or a Mareep, as the case may be. Baaaaaaaaaaa.

I think they're awfully cute. <3 Care to give them copious amounts of huggings? :D
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Well, I just couldn't help myself. I wanted another one. <3 <3

This egg hatches on October 1, 2005! Adopt one today!
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Eee! My egg hatched! <3 <3 <3 It's a cute ikkle baby dragon! With a duck bill! I will name him...Arthur! Why, you ask? Because the Monty Python version of King Arthur knew about ducks, of course!

I love my duck-dragon, Arthur. <3 <3 <3 <3
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This egg hatches on September 25, 2005! Adopt one today!

Egg. <3 I hope I'm doing this right. It said to just copy and paste the code, so that would make it non-bandwidth-stealing...right? I feel so naive for not knowing. And I'm probably dork-like for worrying over it so much. ._.

On a slightly different note, today I saw five more ginkgo trees next to the library. SEE? I TOLD you! They're setting up a perimeter around the library! The invasion is beginning! They're going to take it over! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THE GINKGOS ARE COMING THE GINKGOS ARE COMING!

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