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I appear to be on a henna kick lately. The other day I dug out the little henna kit I got, oh, last year some time, and discovered the henna was still good. So I mixed it up, and brought it to the family get-together we had on Sunday. Subsequently, I drew on anyone who would let me. I drew on my mom (who was a good sport and let me use her as a doodle pad to get used to using the henna cone), I drew on one of my aunts, I drew on one of my cousins, I drew on me. It's actually rather fun, drawing on people and making pretty pictures. I'd like to get some more and practice on more people. I know I'm a long way off from doing anything extremely awesome and elaborate, but hey, it's fun! ^_^
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How terrible is it of me that I saw band-aids with Amy Brown artwork on them, and wanted them? How much more terrible is it of me that I actually went and got them? ^_^;;;;

On a different note, I have henna! The local Fantasy Store of Total Awesomeness opened their expansion this weekend, and in part to celebrate, the henna artist that's gonna be associated with them was doing pieces for free. So I now have a nice ivy vine twining around my wrist. <3 She even put green glitter onto the henna paste so it was all sparkly and lovely while the paste was on and drying. I loves me some henna.
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Best moment at Animazement Friday:

One of the AMVs during the music video contest utilized the song "Breathe". During the AMV, a trend started in the audience and quickly spread whereby people used their electronic devices--cells, PDAs, Nintendo DS's, etc, as faux lighters.

Super Best Fun Limit Break for Extra Awesomeness: During all this, somebody a few rows ahead, who was cosplaying as the Fourth Doctor, lit up his sonic screwdriver and joined the fun. HEE. <3 <3 <3

Also, apparently the musical this year is about the trials and tribulations surrounding teaching English in Japan. Di, I'm going to be thinking of you the whole time. ^_^

Also also, [ profile] hearsawho, there is currently a documentary on Animal Planet about developing an elephant herd, and featuring copious baby elephant antics. I think it's called "Growing Up Elephant" or something like that. I hope you will be able to catch it! <3
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Yesterday we went to the NC Museum of Art to see the special Egypt exhibit. Apparently they got several pieces from the British Museum on loan to show. Once upon a time, I was on an Egyptian kick, and did everything from try to learn how to use hieroglyphics to dressing as an Egyptian goddess for Halloween. I guess I'm no longer as into it as I used to be, but I still enjoy it when it presents itself, such as yesterday. I have to say, I'm glad we got the chance to go.

I found it interesting that the things that really impressed me weren't the huge statues of pharohs and the like (although the huge-ass stone lion that greeted us at the entrance was pretty cool); it was the little things--the stela of a family with gouges into it where somebody with a grudge scratched out their faces, the practice tablet with a drawing done by a professional and crudely drawn arms done by students next to it, the little statuette of a monkey stealing a horse that was obviously done as a joke. I think it's because it's those little things that make you realize that these were real people that actually existed, instead of some ethereal non-civilization made up of grand statues.

What *really* made the trip for me, though, was getting to see in person several artifacts that I've only ever seen in pictures, like a glass carving of a tilapia used for pouring perfume. In particular, there was a girdle of amulets (including fish, cowrie shells, and a central amulet of Heh (goddess of bemusement, apparently)) in one of my books that I always thought was gorgeous. I actually think it's one of my favorite artifacts. And I got to see it in person yesterday. ^_^ It really is very beautiful, but I found it interesting that it looks like the central amulet's gotten a little bent since the picture I have was taken. Methinks somebody broke it in the several years since then. ;_;
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Today was an awesome day. Every year in the spring, Eien-chan and I make a point of taking a trip to Chapel Hill and doing some exploring. We took this yearly trip today, and it was delightful. ^_^ About the only real setback was that the place we wanted to eat lunch at was closed on Saturdays at lunch time (which boggles the mind), so we had to find an alternative. We ended up at a place called Ham's, which I discovered makes an awesome salmon wrap. So so tasty.

And, I was very excited by the fact that I found the last "Please Save My Earth" manga in our wanderings, at a comic book store that opened since the last time we were there. We saw some interesting things there, including what appeared to be a comic about a teddy bear mob boss and something I think [ profile] hearsawho might be interested in--a CSI comic. I also found some out-of-print books that I've been looking for at a used bookstore, and a CD I've been looking for at a music store we always make a point of going to every time we take the trip.

I also discovered today that there is such thing as a Serenity RPG. I should probably finish Firefly first, but I'd love to get some people together and try playing it. ^_^;

And, of course, seeing as I'm a plant goob, we took a trip to the Coker Arboretum on UNC's campus. Despite the frost we had last week, it was still very lovely, with lots of Spanish bluebells and azaleas and a big pretty ginkgo. Of course, Eien-chan had to deal with me squeeing randomly at plants and breaking off to go look at something that caught my eye.

All in all, it was a good day. ^_^ Although now I need to find a new manga series to read. I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has any. While I generally go for things that have at least some degree of sci-fi/fantasy included, it's not a requirement. As long as it has an interesting and well-written story and characters you can sink your teeth into, I'm good. Mmm, tasty characters.
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Being at least partially a wee Irish lass, I celebrated St. Patrick's today, and it was fun. There was lots of green today, and we braved the crowds at the local postage stamp-sized Irish pub to have lunch. Actually, since we went late, we were able to avoid the lunch crush. The bar was chock full of people though. And despite the fact that it was only about 3:30 or so when we left, there were already some rather well lit people screaming at the hockey game on the TV. I imagine there will be many, many hangovers come tomorrow.

And speaking of alcohol, I've also now officially crossed off another drink off my (small) list of alcoholic drinks I want to try--namely, I had Irish coffee. It was actually pretty good, although I think I need to make it myself--I prefer it with less whiskey and more milk and sugar, because my taste buds are sensitive and meek.

And also, a very happy birthday to Laris. <3 <3
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Girl's-Day-Outs are awesome. Since yesterday was Mom's birthday, she decided to take the day off today, and since I didn't have work either, we took complete advantage of the situation. This involved running errands like getting breakfast stuff for the week and getting her car washed (which turned out to be rather hilarious, as it included her demanding the car wash machinery give the car a tire massage, since she splurged on the full treatment. Mom is...particuarly fond of her car. ^_^; ), but also awesome fun things like getting lunch and visiting a spiffy coffee shop and splurging at our favorite Celtic-Medieval-Fantasy store on soaps. This included a rosemary scented bar that smells absoultely delicious. All in all, it was an awesome afternoon.

Ah, fudge, I've done the Avobaby pictures, but I haven't gotten the chance to put them up yet. I'll get around to that either today or tomorrow.

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