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While mucking about in the yard today, I accidentally startled a tiny lizard that had been hanging out in the raised bed. He was something of a surprise, as I'm used to seeing the five-lined skink hanging about, and this little fellow was bright green with a reddish tail. He was downright ADORABLE, and I watched him for a good long time before he got tired of being stared at and made like a tiny reptilian Indiana Jones, leaping off the raised bed and scuttling off into the grass. I'm hoping he will be a Tiny Lizard Friend and come back. I'm sure we'll have plenty of bugs for him to eat soon enough.

On a side note, the garden's doing well so far. We've got carrots, beans, cucumbers, and corn coming up, in addition to the tomatoes and peppers we planted. I've also got some daikon radishes, beets, and onions planted, so I'm hoping those will come up soon. We'll see how many actually survive, considering the deer and rabbits' love for my vegetables. >_
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Fmrrrgf. I have figured out how to command the rain. All I need to do is go outside and water my plants, thinking it's been a couple of days since a rain. That's guaranteed to bring the clouds! *mutter*
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Okay, I know there are a few gardening types on my f-list, so I'll pose this query here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but generally all of a tomato plant, except for the ripe fruit, is poisonous. That's what you get for being related to nightshade and all. That would therefore imply that except for the ripe fruit, you generally don't want to go snacking on tomato plants.

With that in mind, I'd love to know why I've had a squirrel breaking off (and I'm assuming chewing) tomato leaves from the garden. And while I don't have positive proof, I think it may be eating the unripe fruit too. On the other hand, it's entirely possible I'm not seeing the same squirrel every time. Hm.

On a different note, we apparently had a GINORMOUS storm last night, with massive, explosion-like thunderclaps. I say 'apparently' because I slept through it. >_> Although I did have some rather distressing dreams involving explosions. It seems like even though I can be very sound sensitive, especially when I'm trying to fall asleep, when it comes to huge sounds in the middle of the night, I sleep right through them. I slept through Hurricane Fran when it came barreling through the area over a decade ago, killing power(which we were without for a week) and knocking down trees, some of which were in our backyard. Well, I should qualify that. I did wake up once--long enough to think to myself "Oh, it's raining", and then rolling over and going back to sleep. ^_^;
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Ugh. The past few days have really left me wiped, on so many levels. It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping well lately either. I randomly wake up in the middle of the night anxious as all get-out, which doesn't make for a restful night. Luckily, I can sleep in tomorrow, so I hope that'll help.

But enough about me. Let's talk about TIGER PISS.

Yes, tiger piss. So I lamented a few weeks ago about how my beans had been thoroughly raped and pillaged, and that it likely had to be some sort of mammal, considering the time frame and the amount of damage done. So we got some liquid fence, which supposedly is safe and has some sort of scent that kept deer and rabbits away from whatever it was sprayed upon. Upon reading that, Dad remarked that it must have tiger piss in it or something. The name has since stuck.

I've been holding back on using it, as the perpetrator(s) hasn't come back, so I figured it was a one-time thing. That was, until yesterday, when I found more damage. "Okay self," I said to myself, "Time to break out the tiger piss and see if it works."

According to the bottle, the scent is strong when applied, but isn't detectable by humans when it dries. "How bad could it be?" I said to myself, and began spraying a perimeter around the beds.

I gotta tell ya, that bottle wasn't lying. The stuff is STRONG. I'm still not quite sure I can describe the scent. It started out musty, I think, then it kinda went rancid over time. When I later took the puppy out, I discovered that the humidity had apparently dispersed the scent, or something, because I got hit with a massive wave of ICK. Puppy agreed, and proceeded to snort a fair bit. When I also discovered it had gotten on my hands, I washed them liberally, and all seemed to be well.

That is, until I went to take a shower. Apparently some had dried on my hands, and reconstituted when I got them wet again. Prompt me making an "AUGH" face in the middle of my shower at it returning.

All I have to say is, it sure works on humans. Let's see if it works on whatever is eating the beans.
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GIP, first off. <3

One drabble written, two more to go. <3

Animazement's in two weeeeeeeeeks, I can't wait for it! I've seen the schedule, and parts of it make me really wish I could be in two places at once. So many interesting things. And Anime Hell, of course, which regularly breaks my brain (The psychoactive drugs song...eeeeeegh).

Finally, I really need to resurrect my gardening journal. I wasn't able to do much gardening last year because grad school was destroying my will to live, but this year we're doing some major yard modifications, including raised beds, and I've really branched out into trying different things. Lots of veggies for starters. <3

There's also DRAMA. By far the best plants that I've grown from seed this year are my beans. I had a cute little crop of them growing, and then this morning when I woke up, I found all but about 5 are GONE. All that's left are some sad little stems, their leaves neatly picked off. I would love to know WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. I think it's deer. I would think that if it were rabbits, some of the forementioned stems would have been bent over from them foraging, but it looks like something in a hovercraft came along and picked the leaves clean off, leaving the stems undisturbed. What's also perplexing is that fact that there are five left. I mean, what, did the thief get full, and couldn't eat one more bite? What's also also perplexing is that the survivors? Are closest to the woods. You'd think that the thief would go for the ones closest to him first. I'm confused and more than a little irate.

I'm gonna wait and see what happens tonight, and see if the thief comes by to claim the survivors, so I know if I have a repeat offender on my hands or not. I'm expecting I'm gonna need to replant either way. *mutter*
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As some of you know, my Dad and I have gone out on a wild limb and made a raised bed in the backyard. This raises all sorts of new possibilities for gardening--veggies, herbs, etc, all within an environment that's much more conducive to growing than...clay. Which is what we have. It's also a good way to get rid of the massive bald spot in the yard.

So I've planted a few things in it--the tomatoes I've had growing inside, as well as some onions and sage. The sage is still hanging on, but I'm not sure about the onions. I may need to replant those. I've also started some beans, which haven't come up yet. I'm worried I may have committed a gardening blunder and mulched them too early.

But on the subject of mulch. We had some hay from when Dad was doing yard work. Lots of it, actually. When you ask the your local home improvement store for hay, they GIVE YOU HAY. So I decided to use it for mulch. Aside from evicting four garter snakes, it went pretty smoothly, and seems to be working fairly well as a mulch, so I was pleased.

Then I go to water today, and discovered that that hay? Apparently still has some viable seeds. So now I have wheat growing in my garden.

So. Um. Short of getting a grist mill, anyone have any good ideas for what to do with wheat?

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