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Apparently it's now illegal to throw bottles away in NC. That's right folks. Recycle, or ELSE. XD Since we recycle anyway, I don't see it as a big deal, but I still find it amusing that this is now law.

Either way, this prompted a small rant on my part last night, when Dad was talking about it, remarking that a bottle is defined as a container with an opening that's smaller than the bottom. This made Mom note that some jars have tops that are smaller than the bottom, and it also brought up the question of where cans and jars fall into this scheme.

I subsequently started declaring that they really need to do a morphometric analysis to determine a stable species concept for bottles, cans, and jars. How much smaller should the opening be in order to be defined as a bottle? Are there jar subspecies that are like bottles? These questions really need to be answered. Someone develop a dichotomous key!

I spend WAY too much time measuring things.

On a selfish note, I've been a little disgruntled over the fact that NOBODY has noticed my stormwater scarf--a scarf that was about two years in the making, and that I've finally finished (which reminds me, I should take pictures of it). And now that the weather's cooling off, I've been sporting it a fair bit. I think it's a gorgeous scarf, personally, not to mention it's my first attempt at lace. Considering the amount of time it took, it'd be nice if somebody said "Hey, that's a pretty scarf." Admittedly, I generally don't wear it while I'm inside, but it's been laying on the back of my chair for all to see, and people I know see me wearing it as I come in. I know it's not that big of a deal, and hey, *I* like it, and I love wearing it, so it's serving its purpose. It's just be nice for somebody to notice it, considering the amount of time and effort it took. Ah well.
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Today's the 40th anniversary of the take-off of Apollo 11. For those of us who weren't around then (which I believe is just about everyone on my friends list), the mission is being recreated in real time, complete with all the transmissions. It's very cool. <3
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Tonight I went to go see the North Carolina Symphony perform Play!: A Video Game Symphony at the local amphitheater. Oh man you guys, there was serious awesomeness to be had. After all, how often can you go to a mainstream public event which caters specifically to video game music adapted for a full symphony? It's basically a retrospective of music from video games both old and new, accompanied by clips from the games themselves. It was really cool, even though about 3/4 of the way through it started to rain on us. I learned a few things while I was there:

--It is perfectly okay to throw devil horns at a concert during a performance of the music from Super Mario Bros.
--Cheering was also allowed for music from our favorite games, which means Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts all got major cheers. Guess we know which games are popular. ^_^;
--The music from Silent Hill ROCKS. I mean, seriously rocks. They got an electric guitar out for it and everything, and it was awesome.
--People who ignore the "no flash photography" rule, and who decide to take pictures toward the dark-adapted audience, are jerks.
--Not everyone was there for the music of video games. I was kinda surprised to see how packed it was, but then realized not everyone in the audience was there to get their geek on, and that a lot of them probably came because they had season tickets and had nothing better to do. This was exemplified by a rather rude group of people we ended up standing near when we took shelter from the rain under the overhang at the back of the ampitheater. They would not shut up about Spain, forcing us to eventually move to somewhere where we could hear the music.
--People who sit on the lawn go ALL OUT. I saw some folks that had set up little tables, or had wild and elaborate lawn chairs, or basically brought a small fridge with them. Talk about hard core. XD

Despite the rain, it was still an awesome show, and I had some major fun at it. ^_^
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From the Annals of Things They Don't Teach You in Biology:

I was talking with an entomologist today, and learned the jargon acronym SWAG, apparently used by researchers. And what does SWAG stand for? "Scientific Wild-Ass Guess". I need to start using it. XD
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As I usually do when I'm walking to the car on campus, I walk through the Free Expression Tunnel (large tunnel running under the train tracks that's a combination of an experiment in free speech and a creative outlet for the students, particularly those that like to use spray paint). Today, I was absolutely tickled to find that someone had spray painted in huge red and blue letters, "BAD WOLF".

I'll have to keep an eye out for other instances of bad wolf, in case it's a paradoxical message to myself from the future so I can travel forward in time and save the universe. Just in case. XD
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Ugh, sinuses, you are making me hate you. Seriously. Making it difficult to breathe is not a good way to win friends and influence people. At least my fever's gone. Fevers are what really make me feel like I belong on the shoe of scum on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Oh, something I forgot to mention that happened at Animazement. On Saturday I wore my science shirt that Eien-chan got me for Christmas. I got about twelve thousand compliments on it, which made me a very pleased little Ru. ^_^

And finally, more drabbly goodness!

Miniel and Asiel (and Aliphriel too) )
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DEFINITELY a lot of fun. I was a little wary going into it. This being a reset of the series and all, I wasn't entirely sure what they were going to do. The last time we had a Star Trek that was supposed to appeal to a younger generation, we had Enterprise, with its gratuitous oiling up of stacked crewmembers and general pain on the part of the writing. And now to take beloved characters and essentially rework them, I was afraid of what the final result would be. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to find that despite obviously gearing it towards a younger generation, they seemed to keep the essence of the series in place. Being somebody who probably started at least listening to Star Trek episodes in the womb (Mum's a Trek fan, so it's practically bred in. XD), I'm glad to see they achieved that. It's painfully obvious that they're planning on doing more movies. I'm actually looking forward to that, though. There's more that can be done with the crew, with everything. ^_^

And now, for rambling, more critical analysis.

Cut for spoilers )
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I just found out today, and it's gotten me SO EXCITED. Along with Wayside Garden catalogs, good chocolate, and Doctor Who episodes, my uni's library book sale is like Ru-crack. This...this is where you can get truly awesome books on the cheap, like the 19th century mythology book I picked up last year. And the problem is that I always end up with more than I planned on getting. I pretty much always end up coming out with an armful (or two, if I go multiple times). And I have no room now. My book population has reached Soylent Green levels. Pretty soon they'll be needing to process each other into food to survive.

But still. LIBRARY BOOK SALE. I'm gonna be there right when it opens. *bounces*
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This is all [ profile] demonlet's fault. <3 <3 <3 IT IS FULL OF ADORABLE. And it's impossibly catchy!

I WANT TO PLAY THIS NOW. You know. In my copious spare time. XD
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Examples of horribly geeky biology humor:

The title slide for the beginning of the Darwin symposium featured this picture.

And I saw someone wearing a shirt that said: "Support the Hardy-Weinberg principles: Practice random mating."
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First, it's now official. ASB accepted my abstract, so come April, I'll be in Alabama staring down a room full of scientists, almost all of which who have had much more experience than I have, trying to give a talk on my research. This'll be the first time I've ever given a real honest to goodness talk to people that aren't my classmates or my students. It's not even March, and I'm already shaking in my shoes. It's gonna be a long road to April.

Second, I came up with a new word yesterday: technicidal (adj. noun: technicide): Harboring murderous tendencies towards technology, usually computers. It popped into my head yesterday as I went into a frustrated rage over a program that wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. It would probably be best used when you feel the need to throw the computer across the room. XD

Finally, I learned of [ profile] tw_babiez the other day, a fun webcomic (which starts here). It's what would happen if you stuck Torchwood, Doctor Who, and the Muppet Babies into a blender, and it's fun. It gets a little too cute at times, depending on your tastes, but it's a short and fun read. Come for baby Doctor, stay for Bob the Dalek. <3

And now, I have a funding proposal to edit.
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Pictures are a wonderful thing! I've been wanting to take a picture of my desk at school to show off to you people for a while. I think I have a rather distinctive desk, with the things I have on it. I bet I could be a contender for Most Unique Desk in the Department. ^_^

So take a look at the Ru-home-base-at-school! <3

Complete with numbered guide. <3 )

Also. I can officially say now that the Dalek army has doubled in size.

Meet Dalek Redshirt )
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Want to see some prettiness?

We're showing the students this video during lab this week It's some pretty darn incredible computer animation showing the molecular interactions within a white blood cell when it receives a signal to go to the site of an injury. The amount of research that must've gone into determining the movements of everything must've been astronomical. I'm particularly fond of the assembly/disassembly of microtubules/actin, and the ADORABLENESS that is the motor proteins (there's a picture of them on the site to get to the video), chugging tirelessly along, carrying their big huge vescicles. So cute. <3

I'm mainly posting it because it's so pretty. If you want to try and glean some idea of what's going on, though, there's a jargon-filled version of the video here. It's a crash course in cell biology! XD

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