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A question for my fellow Lushies:

Did any of you ever try the Sugar Rush bath bomb when it was out? If so, what did you think of the little colorful bits? I just tried the one I've been holding onto, and those little colorful bits? I swear they're fruity pebbles. They even got soggy after a while!

I think I may know now what it feels like to be in a cereal bowl.
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We have a Luuuuuuush store now!

SO EXCITED. I even managed to get there just a little before they opened (which was partially because they were delaying thanks to computer issues, but who's counting?). Oh man, it was SO lovely. I sniffed everything I could, and it was all fresh and delish. I gots me some bath bombs and a fresh Blue Skies, and a new thing which looks like it's some sort of shower bath bomb, which oughta be fun to play with. I'm seriously considering going back and getting some Sonic Death Monkey, because it smelled reeeeeeeally good. Like, chocolate and oranges good. Mmmm.

I am so taking a bath tonight!
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Awesome things about today:

--Getting to spend the day with Eien-chan. <3

--Eating sushi that contains not only smoked salmon and cream cheese, but KIWI SLICES and BLUEBERRY SAUCE. And comes with radish shreds with rainbow sprinkles. And discovering that it's GOOD. OMG.

--Getting dowels with which to stake more beans. Purple beans, no less!

--Discovering that A LUSH STORE IS COMING. OMG. Lush has finally heard my gentle weeps and cries for a store in the area. 'course, it's not going to be until the summer before it comes, but YAY. Now I'll have a place to get my Blue Skies fix without needing to send out an order! And I can actually SMELL the things before I purchase them! <3
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I so desperately wish that this drought would break. There are, of course, the practical reasons, like the fact that the lakes are disappearing and my plants are suffering due to the fact that they're not getting watered regularly.

Then there are the more selfish reasons, like the fact that I have a stash of Lushy items, and can't use any of them, as they're all bath things, and I can't take a bath without feeling horribly guilty about it. Instead, they are getting old. At least they continue to smell lovely.

I suck

Mar. 25th, 2007 12:17 pm
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I've been way way busy lately. Tons of stuff has been going on, and I've got a huge list of things to do, and it's been hectic enough that I haven't been able to say much about it. Heck, I even was a goob and didn't get around to updating Avobaby this week. I need to do that tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, since there's lots of stuff, I guess I'll just do the highlights. Bullet Time!

--IT'S SPRING! I know, old news, yes, but I mean it's really, *really* spring. All the plants in the yard are coming up, and it's making me positively euphoric. It's not just a case of "Oh yay, they survived the winter!", but it's also "Oh yay, I wonder how big they'll get this year and hey it's time to go and buy more plants to put in the yard and look lungwort and hosta and indigo and peonies and SQUEE!!".

--Probably the biggest bit of excitement on this front is that we have BLUEBELLS. I love bluebells, and when we saw some at our local garden center whilst picking out plants, I wasn't fazed by the fact that they were actually rather sad and weepy-looking, and in fact looked rather dead. My parents pointed this out to me, and that it appeared we were, in fact, buying dead plants. However, I was not to be dissuaded, because BLUEBELLS. So, we got the one that looked the least sad, and planted it. Of course, it crashed, and I figured that we had to chalk it up to the ravages of war in the garden, which made me sad. However, several days ago, I started to see life appearing in the spot where we planted it. At first I thought I was mis-remembering where we put it, and thought it was a hosta, but the leaf shape was all wrong. Then I thought it was a weed, but I decided to wait and see before pulling it up, just in case. Then a couple days ago, it's started putting out flowers. They're still in buds, but they're plentiful enough and the leaves have developed enough that I'm convinced that the bluebells have resurrected themselves. I consider this to be my biggest garden victory to date. It also means we can buy more bluebells.

--I seriously need to post an update about Avobaby and Friends. Tons of stuff is going on.

--Finally, FINALLY, after three months, my family finally had another get-together. This makes me very happy, because I miss people, and was glad to see them. My aunt brought over a box o' history to show my brother and father (the history buffs). Apparently her father was in WWII, and had made a scrapbook from his experiences. The scrapbook, however, is disintegrating, so she's going to go about having the items in it preserved. Before that, though, she wanted to show what she had to them, since they would get a kick out of it. It was pretty neat, from the two-day passes to the USO program to the pictures of her father and his buddies hamming it up for the camera to the cartoon done by one of his friends as an editorial statement on their commanding officer to the copy of the Stars and Stripes with the huge "NAZIS QUIT" headline taking up half the front page. I'm realizing I have more of my father in me than I thought, because I was pulled in by the whole thing too. Maybe that's why I'm into archival-type things, like the herbarium and the like. It is, after all, a blending of botany and history.

--Thanks to a source known as Eien-chan's Brother Who is Kind Enough to Let Me Borrow His Copy, I've started watching Firefly. All I have to say about it thus far is 'Ooooh...'. It's gotten hold of me from the plastic dinosaur battle onwards. It's also the first sci-fi series I've seen that respects the rule that there's no sound in space. That deserves a nod. Anyway, this looks like it's gonna be fun.

--I really need to get back onto studying for the GRE. I wonder if there's a good way to get in a couple GRE words or something a day.

--Lush has brought back Fairy Jasmine bath bombs. I must get some.


Apr. 7th, 2006 11:45 pm
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My box chock full of Lushy goodness came today! It seems like it took a while. I guess a lot of people partook of the Big Thaw, or something. I found it interesting that the box itself smelled like sweet tarts when I got it.

The Haul:

Stuff I Bought: Golden Slumbers, Bathos, Butterball

FREE STUFF!: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas soap (I wrote that as soup first. I seem to have soup on the brain.), Snow Festival, Jingle Spells, Randy Buttercream, and Christmas Carol.

I now have two Christmas Carols. I think I should partake of some fairy jasmine goodness the next time I take a Lushy bath. And the buttercream is interesting--it came in a little cup thingie. I guess you just scoop some out and use it like soap? I dunno. I've never tried a buttercream--now's my chance to find out!

And I am now not allowed to make any more Lush orders until I use what I have. ...unless I need to order more Blue Skies. And that Happy Pill looked neat. And then there's Big Blue, and that nifty Ooh La La soap crap. >_>
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Squee! My box of shiny new Lushy-bath goodness came in the mail today! I used my buy-one-get-one-free coupon to snag an extra bar of "Honey I Washed the Kids", and I'm glad I did. They smell delightfully yummy. I also got some bath bombs while I was at it. "Blackberry" smells like it's going to be lovely. The "Tisty Tosty" and "Romance in a Stone" weren't quite so smellerific though. They just don't smell enough. I was hoping for tons of orangey goodness from "Romance", and tons of rosey goodness from "Tisty Tosty", but it's not all that strong. Not that that'll stop me from using them from tho. If nothing else, rosebuds! <3 <3 <3 And maybe the scent-y factor will go up when I actually dunk them in the water. We'll see!

It's a little late now, but I think I'll declare tonight a Lushy Bath night. <3 <3 <3 <3
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I totally did not plan this, but I decided that for my Lushy bath, I'd use one of my bath bombs. I happened to use the "All That Jasmine" bomb, which turns the water a lovely shade of emerald green. And the book I happened to take with me to read? "Wicked". I didn't realize this until after I had settled in, and had to have a mild chuckle over it. XD

This happens to be my first time using a Lush bath bomb. I've decided they're great fun. I was batting mine around the bath while it fizzed, and liked watching it turn from sphere to crater-covered asteroid to nothing at all. <3 <3
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I declare tonight to be a Lushy bath night.

That is all.

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