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Get Your Personality cocktail

The last part I find amusing. So apparently you can just throw any ol' thing into it? It's a leftover cocktail! XD
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When you see this, take a minute and share five good things of your day with the world, uncut.

1.) I have a puppy in my lap. Everyone's gone to the grocery store, so he was SO EXCITED when I came home. I love having an excited puppy greet me at the door.
2.) We now have mango shebert mochi, thanks to my excursion to the local Asian market. It oughta be delicious!
3.) I realized the first sock of a pair I'm knitting is further along than I expected.
4.) The Muppet Show is playing in the background. <3
5.) There are three flowers on the tomato plants! I can't tell you how excited I am that we've got some.
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Final drabble is done! *is proud of self* Now to backtrack and work on the Valentine's ficlets I owe people. <3

For Relia. <3 Ed disapproves of Lolly and her dating ways!

Edmund and Lorelei )
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Ugh, sinuses, you are making me hate you. Seriously. Making it difficult to breathe is not a good way to win friends and influence people. At least my fever's gone. Fevers are what really make me feel like I belong on the shoe of scum on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Oh, something I forgot to mention that happened at Animazement. On Saturday I wore my science shirt that Eien-chan got me for Christmas. I got about twelve thousand compliments on it, which made me a very pleased little Ru. ^_^

And finally, more drabbly goodness!

Miniel and Asiel (and Aliphriel too) )
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Because I love writing memes, and because I think my creativity needs a kick in the pants in order to do other writings:

I'll take TEN requests for drabbles of any pairing/character from a fandom with which I'm familiar, or an RPG in which I participate. In return, those ten people have to post this in their journals, regardless of their ability level.

I reserve the right to write more than a drabble if you give me a good prompt; you reserve the right not to repost if you don't feel like it.

HIT ME. <3
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My final exam is IN, finally. That thing has been a monkey on my back the past few days. Tomorrow I dive head first into getting my specimens prepped for a summer's worth of measuring and statistical analysis. In the meantime, I have TAGS to write!

On a different note, yoinking an idea from Eien-chan...

You ask a question, I'll provide an answer. I reserve the right to not respond (meaningfully) to questions.
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Yay writing meme!


Name me any two characters whom you want to see paired up (whether from RPG, fandom, original, or any crossovers). Within the next 2 weeks, I will write you either a story of at least 300 words or a FST of at least 5 songs.

I do have to qualify that there is a 99.999% chance it won't get done in 2 weeks, but it'll give me something to work on and something happy to think about, and hopefully something for you to look forward to! <3

You don't have to limit yourself to one suggestion, either, if you can't pick just one. List a few!

I will also add Angie's qualifier that it doesn't necessarily have to be a romance between the two characters, but should deal with that L-O-V-E word in some way or another. <3
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Good grief, I'm impossible with the memes. Finish one, and I'm immediately interested in doing another! Pixle, you keep posting interesting memes and I keep wanting to do them! XDDD;;

Ask any of my characters anything from any game I'm in, and they'll answer.
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Name a character (or characters) and I'll tell you all the pairings with them that I like (or have considered for any length of time), and what I think of all of them.

Both fandoms and RP chars are open for the babbling! <3 <3 <3
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I begin teaching tomorrow. Neeeeeervous. Must remember to talk slow, must remember to talk slow, must remember to talk slow, and NOT FORGET ANYTHING, as it's the first lab and I have to go through all the safety stuff. *wibbles* I'm going through my notes and trying to talk things out, but I'm still starting to get nerves. It's a ton I have to do this first day.

I'm going to distract myself now.

Ask me anything about any character I RP. Why I picked them up, what my headcanon of them is, who I ship them with, etc.

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