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I would just like to point out: Knitting is awesome. Star Trek is awesome. Klingons are awesome.

Combining all three?


I would bet that that's tea in the cup, but having an awesome quartet would create an awesome singularity and suck us all in to oblivion (an awesome oblivion).
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While mucking about in the yard today, I accidentally startled a tiny lizard that had been hanging out in the raised bed. He was something of a surprise, as I'm used to seeing the five-lined skink hanging about, and this little fellow was bright green with a reddish tail. He was downright ADORABLE, and I watched him for a good long time before he got tired of being stared at and made like a tiny reptilian Indiana Jones, leaping off the raised bed and scuttling off into the grass. I'm hoping he will be a Tiny Lizard Friend and come back. I'm sure we'll have plenty of bugs for him to eat soon enough.

On a side note, the garden's doing well so far. We've got carrots, beans, cucumbers, and corn coming up, in addition to the tomatoes and peppers we planted. I've also got some daikon radishes, beets, and onions planted, so I'm hoping those will come up soon. We'll see how many actually survive, considering the deer and rabbits' love for my vegetables. >_
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I approve of LJ's current top bar. <3

While walking to my building on campus, I noticed some of the signs advertising the candidates for various positions in student government. One of the candidates, when I first glanced at the sign, looked like it was for someone named Donna Noble. "WHY YES, AS A MATTER OF FACT I WOULD VOTE FOR HER, THANKS. <3 <3 <3"

This reminds me of what, in my little Ru-brain-world, happens after The End of Time: Donna decides to go to school and uses her own brains along with her subconscious powers of awesome to own everyone's collective butts in academia and gets a PhD, making her the DoctorDonna once again.

That is what happens in my head, anyway.
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As you may have heard, there's some snow heading our way in the south, if it's hasn't already arrived (here, it hasn't). The amount has been touted as anywhere from ten inches to just making life soggy for a while. Although as far as everyone is concerned, there's a veritable snowtastrophe upon us, whereby we're all gonna die horrible frosty deaths, either from straight freezing, or from skittering all to our deaths on the road.

To be honest, I've gotten used to hearing shrieks of how we're all gonna be buried up to our eyelashes in snow, only to have just a bit of rain in the end. People have a tendency to overreact here, considering we're all southern belles and gentlemen who are more accustomed to sweltering heat than feet of snow. If my barometer-like head is indicator, there's SOMETHING on the way, though what exactly what remains to be seen.

But anyway, overreaction. It happens a lot here. All the sidewalks are salted/rocked/kitty littered within an inch of their lives, and after all the salting, the roads are WHITE, despite the fact that we haven't gotten any snow yet. But it's not just the municipality going nuts. Your average person goes a little crazy here too, half-expecting we'll be buried until spring. I'm not entirely sure why, but whenever the forecast calls for snow, everyone immediately has to run out and buy eggs, milk, and bread. And primarily those three things. You'd half expect everyone gets a subconscious command to make french toast, or something.

I ended up being amongst the grocery goers today, since there were a few things I needed and weren't able to get yesterday. This ended up being an interesting study in anthropology. First off, the supermarket was PACKED. We're talking Christmas/Thanksgiving packed. Everybody was there grabbing things, mainly the aforementioned eggs/milk/bread combination. Heck, they were completely out of your standard dozen-eggs carton. However, I found it very interesting to see what else was popular. Some things made sense, like firewood and bottled water. In other cases, what was being bought defied reason a little, like the woman whose front cart was chock full of collard greens. And in other other cases, reason was defied initially, but then made sense once you thought about it.

What else those crazy southerners were buying )

On a slight side note, I see now why oranges are so popular as a winter fruit, besides the fact that they ripen in the winter. It was really nice and warming to come in from a downright cold and dismal day, and see piles and piles of bright, happy oranges, like little pieces of sun. Mmm, oranges. <3

Thus endeth my anthropological adventure for today.
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I saw a peculiar thing in the library today. At one of the computers, somebody had left an empty water bottle, and the remainder of a large roll of toilet paper, with a not-insignificant amount of paper still remaining. I feel like there's a story there, but I'm not quite sure what it is. XDDD

On a different note, I have new eggs, and feel the need to show them off. <3 Sadly, I could not get the mysterious NOSE EGG, which slipped between my fingers. Instead, I will content myself with face eggs. Maybe next time around. <3

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On 'Turn Left' )

Also, a literal sign of the times: I noticed a sign at school touting an upcoming blood drive. The incentive they used to get people to come and donate: Free gas.
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Well, it's the New Year. Huzzah!

I hope it'll be a good one. This year's had it's ups and downs, just like any other one. Good things included learning a ton about plant systematics, watching my cousin get married, going to Disney, getting good grades in my classes, one of my profs liking my papers so much he asked me to use them for next semester's class, and getting to act a little again. Bad things included getting my first 'C' on a paper ever, breaking my "All A's" streak, and the biting incident. I don't know that I'll necessarily make any resolutions, since I don't necessarily know I'll be able to keep them or not. But I can make some predictions. I predict that I'll finish school, and maybe hopefully find someplace to work until I've got money saved up for grad school, and I'll do my senior project, and maybe learn some yoga. What else'll happen? I have no idea. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Hm. I think I may be somewhat out of it right now. I don't think I'm making much sense.

I don't think I had very much of an eventful transition into the New Year. We were at my aunt's place all evening, and by the time we got back home, we had about two minutes to go before the ball dropped. So we watched that, did our obligatory 'yay!'-ing, and then I promptly went and hopped in the shower. Yes, very ceremonial of me.

Yesterday marked my first trip into an ABC store. I know that's probably not the biggest deal in the world, but hey, it's something I've never done before. It's kinda like wanting to buy tobacco because you're 18. You don't necessarily want to do anything with it, but you want to at least buy it because you *can*. I don't think I'd want to drink anything there(I accompanied mum, who was buying whiskey), but I wanted to go because I *could*.

Nevertheless, I found it to be an interesting experience. Some of the liquors there are...unique. Like cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes in it. I'm still not quire sure I know how that'd work. Would you drink the gold flakes? Is there a filter? Do you pick them out? It seems rather odd to me.

But in any case, I have to admit, some of the liquor bottles are incredibly interesting and pretty. I like neat bottles. ^_^

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