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I find it rather amusing that on the chalkboard in this particular computer lab, someone has written the first verse to the Captain Planet theme song. That in and of itself is cute, but it would make the most sense if I was in the biology computer lab. However, I happen to be in the mechanical engineering building. I find this to be interesting. XD
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As I was walking back from class, listening to my tummy complain of hunger and thinking about how I couldn't wait to get back so I could eat my tasty lunch of clam chowder and breadsticks, when I come to one of the now-familiar sites of fences blocking my path and heavy construction equipment beyond. I grumble grouchily, as I am apt to do nowadays when confronted with even more construction. Thankfully though, this is a small construction project, and I can detour around it without having to make a huge course correction, which I have to do frequently. As I'm skirting the fence, I notice a sign on it that basically says "Warning: Deep Excavation". Deep excavation, huh? So they're digging big holes? I like big holes. They're interesting. I peer through the fence as I walk by to get a look at this big hole.

This 'big' hole is all of a foot deep.

Cue me dying of laughter on the inside. Yes, that is indeed a mighty deep hole! For ANTS maybe.

Okay, I admit, they might've just started digging the hole and not gotten very far yet, but there was no active digging going on at the time, and the idea still amuses me. XD

On a separate note, the location box is new to me! Might not be particularly useful unless I'm traveling or someplace strange, like the moon, but it still might be fun.

Edit: ...oh. It doesn't actually show up in the entry. Well, that's no fun. :p
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Okay, I need to grouch for a moment.

Grouch grouch vandalism grouch grouch vent grr )

On a happier note, Eien-chan pointed me to this site. The biology geek in me is squeeing with delight, especially at the species guide. <3 <3 <3 <3
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--On my way to yoga class, I start hearing this horrible coughing, hacking sound that seems to be coming from nowhere. Seriously, it sounds like someone with smoker's lung. I then notice that it appears to becoming from above. Curiouser and curiouser. I then finally pinpoint the source--it's coming from some sort of pipe from the roof of one of the buildings, spewing black smoke every time it 'coughs'. While that in and of itself isn't all that spectacular(aside from the fact that it honest-to-goodness really does sound like someone hacking something horrible), is that this pipe dying of lung cancer is part of the school health building. I find it incredibly amusing that the building that is the campus center point of advocating Health! and Eat Right! and Don't Smoke! has a pipe that sounds like it's DYING from emphysema while at the same time still smoking twelve packs a day. Aah, incongruity, you amuse me.

--I saw a butterfly today yayayayayayayayayay! I love butterflies. It's so nice to see them after winter and everything! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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The city at dusk looks incredibly cool from the 9th floor of the library. All the buildings are lit up, and you can see the cars moving serenely below you, and the streetlights in the far background look like stars, and it's all gently lit by the setting sun. Man I wish I had brought my camera with me.

I guess it's true what they say--cities do look incredibly peaceful from several stories up.
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It's amazing what you can find when walking from one end of the campus to the other. Such as:

These. One may or may not be NSW, so as usual, erring on the side of caution. )

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