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YES. Exams are DONE. HUZZAH. Come what may in terms of grading, at least I am done and get to working on the things on my to-do list. <3 <3

But while we're on the subject of grading, I hope I did okay. Oddly enough, I felt better about genetics than I did medicinal plants, but that may be because there were a couple questions where I had no idea how to answer for medicinal plants(What's bloodroot used for CRAPIDON'TKNOW). But I still made an educated guess, and hopefully it'll come out okay. I have a pretty high average in that class, so hopefully if I fudge on a couple of the answers, it won't hurt me too badly. I hope.

Genetics I felt pretty good about though(knock on wood). When I did get stuck on a question, it was usually something small and had me doing something along the lines of "Okay, it can be either this, or this. This or this. This or this. *repeat ad nauseum*". So I guess I have a better chance of getting those sorts of questions right. But I guess either way, it's finished.

But but! That was not the awesomest part of my day. After exams, I decided to celebrate by hitting the local used book stores(and speaking of hitting, the cars around here can be scary. I nearly got hit by one myself. o_O) in search of music goodness or volumes of "Please Save My Earth", which I've been collecting very sporadically. Sadly, I don't find any, but on my way back, I pass by one of the local comic book stores. So I think to myself "You know, self, they're a comic book store. Manga probably qualify." So I go in.

The sum total of their manga is a collection piled up in a corner of the store, which I have to go fishing through in order to find things. But towards the end of one of the stacks I come across a delightful surprise: A brand spankin' new, pristine copy of Sailor Moon: StarS, volume 2--the only volume I'm missing to complete my Sailor Moon set. GLEE AND SQUEE. <3 <3 I've been looking everywhere for a copy(I think they're out of print now), and had just about given up on ever acquiring one. The ones that I did find were on places like the used section at Amazon and were somewhere up in the neighborhood of $30 for a decent copy, which is way more than I want to spend. But this one was not only brand new and normally priced, but it was also discounted. Double-score! I immediately snatche it up and am now the proud owner of a complete set of Sailor Moon manga. Love. <3 <3 <3 <3
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I think we've got malicious rain falling on our humble uni. That's what I'm going to call it. It's not just normal, drippy rain, but it's rain that falls with a VENGEANCE.

It started raining today just as I walked out of my room. I had already locked up, and was late as is, so I didn't really have the time to go back and grab my umbrella and change my coat. But hey, no problem. A little rain won't kill me. So I get to class, a little drippy, but still, no problem. However, my glass lenses are pretty wet, so I whip out my shirt tail and go about drying the first lens.

Hm. Why is it the lens now looks extremely dirty?

From what it looks like, the act of cleaning my lens caused the coating on it, which has already begun to come off, to go into SUPER DRIVE and start coming off basically all over the lens. It now looks and feels like it's extremely dirty, and when I wear them, lights look like they have a green halo around them. I dunno if it was the fact that I used my shirt or that the lens was that close to going, or if it was the water, or what, but whatever it was, it makes me think it may be high time for me to get new lenses. In the meantime, I guess I'll be stuck wandering around as the secondhand superhero, Aura-Seeing Woman.

So after spending the class period squinting and trying to avoid paying attention to the pretty colors, we got back our herbarium projects (100! Yes!!!). I still don't know what I'm going to do with ten mounted plants. I thought about donating them, but the people in my class kept insisting that I keep them for some reason. Well, I have a bit of time before I need to decide, so I brought them home. If I want to donate them, I can just bring them back to class. It was sprinkling as I walked back, so I kept my head bowed and managed to get by without getting more water on my lenses. My project folder, on the other hand, wasn't quite so well-protected.

In my experience, when paper gets wet, it makes a water spot, might get wrinkly, and that's about it. The folder, however, was BLISTERING. By the time I got back it was covered in little blistery pin pricks that made the folder look like it had failed its TB test. It might have just been the paper it was made out of, but considering the incident with my lens, I'm more inclined that it was the rain continuing to cause as much mischief as possible. It makes me a little worried about what'll happen when I venture out to go to screenwriting in a little while.

Damn malicious rain.
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I dunno who decided tonight was going to be Free Music Night, but since getting back to my room I have heard:

--Someone playing a trombone.
--Someone playing a flute.
--Two someones playing a trombone and a flute together. That wasn't too bad compared to what happened next.
--KARAOKE. EXTREMELY LOUD KARAOKE. WHO THE HELL IS PLAYING THE KARAOKE SO LOUD? It sounds like it's coming from the top of the dorm.
--One singer did a rendition of "What a Wonderful World", which I have to admit was fairly good. I had to sit there and listen for a sec to figure out if I was hearing a recording or not. However, that was the high point.
--I then heard a couple of guys sing very badly to some sort of country song. Oh joy. They were off key and everything.
--Now they're playing "Somebody to Lean On". The quality of the singing isn't any better.

Aaah, the joys of living in a college dorm.

Oh crap. I think the rest of the dorm is joining in on the singing. I dunno if this bodes well or not.

ETA: I think it's coming from the ampitheatre that's in the center of our little dorm complex now. I think I may have been hearing the echo earlier. However, it doesn't deaden the fact that it's loud and *really* easy to hear. "Imagine" was sung, and now some guy is trying to do "Every Breath You Take". Unless you're Sting, or you can handle the high notes, you should not be a guy trying to sing it. MAKE IT STOP. ;_;
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The plant collection project is now DONE and DONE. Go me! It's turned in and everything is (hopefully) properly labeled now. Now the only major projects left are finishing my screenplay and my Solanaceae paper. I hope I can finish those satisfactorially by the end of the semester. But for the moment, I will feel happy that I've got one of the three big projects out of the way.

While we're here, I may as well briefly lament. I wish I could do something Halloweeny tonight. The most Halloweeny I'm probably going to get is reading about poisons for my medicinal plants exam on Friday. Poo. ;_; Although there was a guy in my genetics class that spent part of the class with a dragon's head, so, at least there's that. <3 <3
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This is the sound of a Ru who believes she has finished her plant collection project:

"Yahoo! Hooray! After two and a half months, tons of plant clippings, hours with the dichotomous key, and lots of agonizing over labels and directions, I have this thing done and am ready to turn it in! Hooray!"

This is the sound of a Ru who discovers that no she is NOT done, because of the fact that she and her partner are sharing some plant clippings and the fear of plagarism has lead to needing to change labels, some worries about who can use what plants, and lots of confusion about how many plants they are allowed to share in the first place, since the prof said one thing and the botany tech that'll be doing the grading has said another thing:

*headdesk* *HEADDESK* *HEAD* *DESK*
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So, at least tentatively for right now, I've decided to do a basic research paper for the honors part of my medicinal plants course. Taking a cue from the lecture, I'm gonna research the Solanaceae family, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, petunias, henbane, belladonna, and everyone's favorite vegetable, nightshade. It's the fact that tomatoes and potatoes are related to things like nightshade that I found intriguing about the family. So hopefully I can find some interesting things to talk about in a paper. I'm hoping I can get ahold of some info on the studies done on tomatoes involving lycopene, since cancer prevention is an interesting contrast to, say, poisioning someone with belladonna. And whatnot. ^_^;

You know, between this, and the herbarium project, and the plant presentation on myrrh, and the genetics tests, and the 90+ page screenplay I have to write, I'm gonna be a busy girl. ^_^;
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Making this list partly because I want to organize my thoughts, partly because I'm still in hot and heavy brainstorming mode and would like some input. Having taken leave of my senses, I've decided to try and do my medicinal plants course as an honors course. However, this means that I have to figure out a project to do. After talking with the prof and brainstorming on my own, here are the possibilities thus far:

--Do a study on what sort of herbs a local ethnic group uses for medicinal/cooking purposes. I'm thinking maybe Chinese--it'd give me an excuse to go to the local Asian market.
--Research a plant family and do a paper on said family.
--Along the same lines, focusing on the mint family, collect a conglomeration of various extracts/plants from several mint family plants and get several people to smell and possibly taste said extracts/plants. This thought came from Friday's class, wherein we got to examine orange mint, and during the process that not everyone smelled the same thing--for instance, I thought it smelled like basil.
--Research the sorts of plants used by a company/companies that put out organic/herbal bath and beauty products, and see what's the goodness in there. Maybe I could do something somehow related to aromatherapy?
--Research a family of medicinal plants, find out what chemical it is that makes them medicinal, and see why the plant makes it for itself.

Opinions? Furthermore, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, or if there's a particular medicinal-planty thing that would be interesting for me to babble about for the next semester, feel free to suggest it. <3 <3 <3
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Yes! It's Friday! You know, despite it having only been a three-day week, it still feels like it's been a whole week.

And now, the recap )
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Dang it, how did my room get so damn LOUD over the summer?

I hope that this is just a case of humidity causing the wooden things to swell and make horrible noises that would make you think the room's haunted, and that when the weather gets cooler, they'll go away. My desk drawers are squeaking, the door sticks and makes bad, low, groaning noises, and my fourth drawer...oh man. When I try to pull it out, it HOWLS. I swear, you'd think I was harboring a wolf or something in the room. May as well announce to the whole dorm, YEP, RU'S GETTING STUFF OUT OF HER FOURTH DRAWER. EVERYONE TAKE NOTE.

Note to self: Leave fourth drawer slightly open so as to be able to get stuff in and out of it without making too much noise while roomie's asleep.

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