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Okay, until I get through some of it, I'm not allowed to add any new books to my reading list. No more. It's gotten to be astronomical in size, and I think adding any more would be simply dangerous.

On Friday one of the library groups held their annual book sale. I love book sales like this, seeing as you can get nifty books really cheaply. I came out of it having spent $6 on 6 books. Considering I wanted to limit myself to $5, this isn't too bad. I picked up a drawing book, two Terry Pratchett books, a book of warped fairy tales, and Dante's "The Inferno". Not too shabby. I was feeling rather proud of myself for having found them there.

Today I come back to the area where the sale was held and discover that the tent is still up. Interesting. I come closer and realize that not only is the book sale going on still, but that it's been turned into a book giveaway. All the books are free. SCORE. Well, not score so much, because all I ended up doing was accquiring more books and adding to my list. It was pretty picked over (I found it interesting that the majority of the fiction books still left were mysteries), but I still managed to snag some interesting finds, among them being a couple sci-fi books, a book on landscaping vocabulary, a book on the nature of serendipity, a satire that I peeked in and featured the Buddha being annoyed at Michael, which intrigued me, and a horror-type book that initially drew me to it due to the fact that the title of the book was "MEG" in big huge letters. Yes, I am enough of a dork that mention of a certain grumpy electrician fizzy is enough to make me take a closer look at a book. I went ahead and picked it up, because from the looks of it, it essentially involves people being terrorized by a megalodon. So it's like Jurassic Park, but in the water. Sweet.

So now, not counting the drawing book and the landscaping book, I have ten books added onto my reading list. At this rate, I'll never see the light of day, reading-wise. Oh well. At least I'll have plenty of time to dive into my book list in about a week and a half.

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Ru's Research Symposium Checklist

Poster printed: Check
Poster put in nifty poster tube with extra tacks: Check
Nifty poster tube labeled, just in case: Check
Reference handouts copied and packed: Check
Poster reviewed to refresh my memory: Check
Symposium outfit selected and cleaned: Check
Shoes, both for the Symposium and for getting there, because I sure as hell am not going to walk large distances in heels: Check
Stockings: Check x 3 (considering my bad track record with them, consisting mostly of putting runs in brand new ones, 3 should be sufficient. I hope.)
Route to Symposium planned out: Check
My wits about me: Umm...I seem to have misplaced mine. Anyone have some wits they'd care to let me borrow?
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Okay, I need to grouch for a moment.

Grouch grouch vandalism grouch grouch vent grr )

On a happier note, Eien-chan pointed me to this site. The biology geek in me is squeeing with delight, especially at the species guide. <3 <3 <3 <3
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You know what is not cool?

Getting fifty-year old, most likely pesticide-laden seed fuzz up your nose. Ew. Ew ew ew. My throat is still going WTF?!?
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Whee! Holographic egg hatched! It's an embryonic gecko! I shall name him...George! For George is a good name for an embryonic gecko!

ALSO ALSO. Lookit! DIGIVOLVING OCCURRED!!!!!! Sylvia is now a bigger winged fox! With wings! And Felix has become a big radioactive cat...lizard...thing. With a big fluffy tail! OMG HE MUTATED FROM THE RADIOACTIVITY. ;_;

So, um, yeah. I guess while I'm here, may as well give an update. I'm alive! Barely. School is trying very hard to give me a beating I won't forget. The problem is there's still about half a semester to get through. I want it to be over.

Right now I'm in the midst of trying to finish up the analysis part of my project, and trying to get resources together for my ancient/medieval science course's term paper. GOD it's hard. You'd think it'd be easier to find stuff on alchemy, but nooooooo. I'm having a very hard time settling on an exact topic. I want to do something on the Philosopher's Stone and its relation to concepts of nature, but my prof seems to think that might be fruitless. So she instead suggested I look at one of Bacon's works and try to figure out what he was thinking. The funny thing is, I think I'm finding less on Bacon than I am on the Philosopher's Stone. So I dunno what to do. And I really want to turn in my proposal tomorrow. Sigh.

I'm also fighting with the problem that I *desperately* want to write something that's not school-related. I've got two stories and three RPG characters bouncing around in my head, and allowing myself fifteen minutes to working on them each day (usually when I'm eating), just isn't enough. I wish I could use the upcoming spring break to work on them, but I doubt I'll have much time. I've got several projects to work on over break. Oh well. We'll see.

Other weather screwed around with the trees. In particular, it killed off all the flowers on my favoritest tree on campus--a humongous Japanese magnolia that looks absolutely gorgeous in bloom. Seriously. The flowers are so prolific the tree is downright NEBULOUS in its floweriness! I call it my star tree, mostly due to the fact that I walked up to it one day on my way to class when it was in the midst of budding, and between my sleep-deprived state and the fact that the large yellowish buds were fuzzy enough that they could catch the light and give them a little bit of a glowing look, it looked almost like the tree was growing not flowers, but tons of little stars. <3 <3 <3 <3

Also, the Bradford pears are blooming. Ugh. Remind me to write a rant on Bradford pears.

Anyway, I should work on getting going. My supervisor for the project is currently off in the West Indes collecting specimens, so I'll have the herbarium to myself. I dunno that I'm really up for spending the next several hours completely by myself, but oh well. I can always keep myself company by singing along to the grooves of ELO. <3 <3
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TMI? Maybe? I'll cut it to be on the safe side. )

In other news, today's yoga subject seemed to be "Twist the Hell Out of Your Back". We were doing tons of bizarre twists and things today. There was one in particular that I wish I could find a picture of to show you all, because it is INSANE. The moment our instructor mentioned that the objective of the pose is to get your left armpit over your right knee, with the back of your head resting on the ground, and then proceeded to show us, I went "O_O My body will NOT do that!". But, much to my surprise, I think I did okay with it. Maybe with a little practice I can get to the point where I can grab my heel and get the hand sticking up in the air to be touching the mat. Maybe.

Still though, I think I enjoy the class. My back actually felt pretty nice afterwards (of course, that was before I slung my backpack onto it and proceeded to race across campus for my next class). I think that after I get a job and a car and actually get a little spending money and am somewhat in a stable routine, I might try to enroll in a local yoga class.

They say there will be flurries tonight. And the daylilies and the magnolia back home are poking up out of the ground in total "It's spring!!!" mode. Oh *please* don't die my little green ones. ;_;
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Holy FRIGMUFFIN. Whoever said that the last stretch of the race is the hardest was not kidding. Well, maybe not in the sense of "OMG! The end is near! Oh this is so hard because I can see the end!", but in the sense of "SHIT how the hell did I end up with this much work?!?"

As if I wasn't the past seven semesters, I'm going to be a busy little bee this last one. I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time in the herbarium and in the library measuring plants and/or researching.

Oh, that reminds me. Something I found insanely cool today was that one of the samples I've got for my senior project is a dried vine clipping, complete with hand-written label and whatnot, from 1798. I KID YOU NOT. It's a piece of vine that's over 200 years old, and is still hanging around. Cool? Very cool.

But anyway, getting back on topic, among other things I have to do this semester is write several papers for ancient/medieval history, do my senior project, do my honors project for anc/med history(because I'm tired of writing it all out XD), and lead a discussion on exotic/invasive speces for my grad level class. I am just a liiiiiiittle bit intimidated by this prospect. Not only am I the only undergrad in the class, but I have to get viable research papers together, and actually lead a discussion? Gods. I'm worried that I'm going to get up there, and no matter what I bring forth, they'll be going "Yeah. Know that already. Know that too." and so on. I think I may be spending a lot of time talking with the instructors beforehand so I can get together something that's actually worthwhile. Le sigh.

I don't seem to have a lot of exams this semester. Instead, I have a lot of projects, a fair number of assignments I have to get done for each week, and a frickin' monkeyload of reading. So yeah. Hopefully I won't drop from exhaustion before the end of the semester. All this week I've been driving something along the lines of 7TH GEAR RUN RUN RUN sleep 7TH GEAR RUN RUN RUN sleep. Maybe it'll get better once the semester falls into a more stable pattern.

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Ancient and Medieval Science: I so want to like this class. I really do. The problem is there's a ton of stuff working against me liking it. Firstly is the workload, which I have to admit, like every other class I've taken before it, looks intimidating on the first day. So maybe it'll get better once I get into the semester. Although it doesn't help that I'm planning on taking it as an honors course. I don't know what I'm thinking either. Secondly, the professor has a tendency to be soft-spoken and has a tendency to pause for several seconds at a time, which causes my mind to go on immediate holiday such that I forget what we were talking about. So it may just be me having problems more than her. It probably also didn't help that I had to sit in the back, behind a tall guy that blocked my view of the screen. Thirdly, it's in one of the WORST ROOMS on campus. Tiny, cramped, no windows, and the room is CHOCK FULL of people, which results in lots of body heat that has no place to go. So I think we were all might uncomfortable by the end.

Yoga: Aside from the whole inconvenience of changing out, I think this'll be a good class. If nothing else, it'll give me something to worry about aside from schoolwork. More like, "OMG I didn't realize I could bend this way I hope I don't break something." The instructor seems nice though.

Poetry writing: It's my last semester, and I've finally discovered that a 3:00-4:15 class is a bad idea for me. I think it may have something to do with my circadian rhythm, but I was getting so tired during that class. I seem to recall I had the same problem the last time I had a 3:00-4:15 class, so it may be some sort of circular thing. I dunno. I really didn't want to take poetry writing, but I guess as far as those types of classes go, this might not be too bad. The bonus of unexpectedly having a friend in the class makes me happy though. <3 <3

Since all my classes are spread out during the day, it's resulted in a long day today. I'm tired. It probably doesn't help that I'm missing people, so I've ended up being somewhat down today. Maybe I'll get better as the week goes on. I hope Friday gets here soon though.
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So, I sometimes enjoy watching Spike TV, because they have shows like ST: TNG and CSI, and they like to show James Bond movies on occasion. However, the result of watching the channel is that I get treated to an onslaught of repetitive commercials, such as the same commercial for vodka.

One commercial they've been playing nonstop is the preview for "Hostel", which looks like it's touting itself as a horribly scary movie. There's something I've noticed through these constant reshowings of the commercial though. Amongst all this previewing of scaryness and death and blood and the ubiquitous Preview Guy with his ubiquitous Deep Voice narrating, there is an image of...a guy hosing down a wall with your average everyday hose. Now, I'm sure that he's supposed to be hosing down something UNSPEAKABLE, like gallons of blood or something, but taken out of context, I find it incredibly hilarous. So that's what you'll get in this scary movie. BLOOD. DEATH. DOOM. And a guy hosing down a wall. XD

In other news, the terrarium that I got as a Christmas present is off to a good start. It's a neat little kit called a Gothic Garden. I got it more for the plants in it (moonflowers, mimosa, aloes, and so on), but having little skulls in the garden is fun. XD The moonflowers and the mimosas are sprouting. The moonflowers look exceptionally healthy, and since I've known moonflowers, morning glories and the like, to be very aggressive, I went ahead and put in some little chopstick trellises to try and curb their tendency to try and EAT the other plants.

Also also, for my own reference:

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