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This is the second in-the-round knitting project I've started in the past week and now have to disassemble because I managed to twist the loop.

*beats head against wall*
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GIP, first off. <3

One drabble written, two more to go. <3

Animazement's in two weeeeeeeeeks, I can't wait for it! I've seen the schedule, and parts of it make me really wish I could be in two places at once. So many interesting things. And Anime Hell, of course, which regularly breaks my brain (The psychoactive drugs song...eeeeeegh).

Finally, I really need to resurrect my gardening journal. I wasn't able to do much gardening last year because grad school was destroying my will to live, but this year we're doing some major yard modifications, including raised beds, and I've really branched out into trying different things. Lots of veggies for starters. <3

There's also DRAMA. By far the best plants that I've grown from seed this year are my beans. I had a cute little crop of them growing, and then this morning when I woke up, I found all but about 5 are GONE. All that's left are some sad little stems, their leaves neatly picked off. I would love to know WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. I think it's deer. I would think that if it were rabbits, some of the forementioned stems would have been bent over from them foraging, but it looks like something in a hovercraft came along and picked the leaves clean off, leaving the stems undisturbed. What's also perplexing is that fact that there are five left. I mean, what, did the thief get full, and couldn't eat one more bite? What's also also perplexing is that the survivors? Are closest to the woods. You'd think that the thief would go for the ones closest to him first. I'm confused and more than a little irate.

I'm gonna wait and see what happens tonight, and see if the thief comes by to claim the survivors, so I know if I have a repeat offender on my hands or not. I'm expecting I'm gonna need to replant either way. *mutter*
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In other news, my puppy is infirmed. ;_; We're still not sure what happened, but something happened on Friday that has sent the muscles around Arnold's hips into spasms. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, as he hasn't been yipping or anything, but he doesn't seem comfortable either, as he's been incredibly subdued, and hasn't been getting around well. So he's been on bedrest, and spending a lot of time in one person's arms or another. We've also been massaging and putting heat on his backside when we can (and when he'll put up with it, which he usually will if someone's holding him or if he's settled down), which seems to help the spasming a lot. I hope this isn't the beginning of old-dachshund back problems, though. Hopefully taking it easy will help him heal. If he isn't better in the next couple of days, though, it's off to the vet for him.
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Well, frig. Every year I hope that maybe this year they won't come, and every year, about this time, I'm disappointed to discover that they've somehow made it through another winter.

Junebugs, Japanese beetles, whatever you want to call them, to me, they are the SCOURGE.

The damn things have already attacked my rose bush and have commenced munching on my apple tree. *muttermuttergrouchgrouch*
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Okay, I need to grouch for a moment.

Grouch grouch vandalism grouch grouch vent grr )

On a happier note, Eien-chan pointed me to this site. The biology geek in me is squeeing with delight, especially at the species guide. <3 <3 <3 <3
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So, my favorite local plant nursery, which has been around for eons, and at which I remember romping about the rows of plants and riding about on the rolling plant wagon as my parents shopped, has closed.

I believe the correct term is WAH. ;_;

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