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OMG you guys. I've just finished the first of a pair of socks. It involved a lot of new techniques for me, including kitchener's stitch and a little bit of a lacey feature. Of course I just had to try it on. It FITS. Holy cow it fits beautifully. It's like this sock was MADE for me. Which it was.

I am typing this with one sock on that doesn't have a mate (yet), and I don't care. SOCK. :D
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Now that I have a few minutes to actually sit down and stuff, I can unleash the news.

In a nutshell? Unofficially, I'm in. It's still unofficial because I haven't gotten the official letter that would make it official, but I'm in.





I'm simultaneously elated and terrified. Mostly terrified at the moment, as the elation has worn off and it's sinking in that I'm subjecting myself to this torture AGAIN, and I'm realizing I have a month to get myself ready, which includes things like signing up for classes and figuring out what the TA stuff involves and getting textbooks and meeting with advisors and AGH AGH AGH.

*falls over*


Sep. 20th, 2007 08:16 pm
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I got my official GRE scores in, complete with my writing score. The highest score you can get on the writing portion is a 6.

I got a 5.5!! HELLS YEAH!!!

Excuse me while I do a happy dance!! *dancedance* You know, I really need to get myself a happy happy HAPPY! icon, for things like SQUEE! and VICTORY! and all those good things. <3

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Well. It's official. The Scourge is back.

I was really hoping that some plague featuring possibly violet spots, erratic flying, and possibly also zombification had gotten to the Japanese beetles and killed them all before they could migrate back here, but no such luck. I knocked off a quartet of them that were having a foursome on the rosebush today. *shakes head* Here we go again.

On a different note, I was rather proud of myself today for accomplishing the stereotypically male task of opening the pickle jar. I did it without any help from rubber bands or from banging the back edge of a knife on the lid either--it was all me and my somewhat-pumped-from-lifting-pots hands. Check me out! I am teh macho!
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So, not much to say about Sunday, as it was pretty quiet. I ended up getting the Trogdor shirt by default, since they were out of my size in the Fruity Oaty Bar shirt. That's okay, though, because I decided to console myself with a Tardis shirt. <3 <3 <3

Eien-chan and I went to the art auction as well, and in the process proving that auctions can be a lot of fun, particularly when you have a witty auctioneer. Eien-chan ended up winning a couple of very nice pieces, and it was just fun to watch the antics of attempting to purchase items. We also watched the AMV contest reshowing afterwards, which featured some videos not used in the main contest. Apparently one of the AMVs utitlized a yaoi series, which caused all the fangirls in the audience to squee at once.

I'm sad it's over, but there's always next year to look forward to!

And speaking of looking forward to things next year, I learned that Spamalot's gonna be coming to town April next year. I sooooooooooo wanna go.

Today is also a bit of a landmark for me--I ended up having to drive Eien-chan home, so for the first time, I managed to drive on the interstate, there, and then back again by myself. I even surprised myself by passing someone on the interstate, though I think I was justified in it--I at least *attempt* to drive the speed limit--I don't drive 45 (35 at one point) in a 60 mph zone. In any case, though, I'm rather proud that it went well--except for the fact that I realized that it takes two clicks to turn the headlights on, not one. Go me.
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I proved to myself today that I can, in fact, successfully negociate the bus system! I was able to get home using the buses, and we didn't get hijacked, or planted with bombs that will go off if we go below a certain speed, or even broken down in murderous mutant country. And I didn't miss my stop, either! Huzzah!
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Well, today has certainly been a day, and I'm friggin' exhausted, which might explain why this is probably going to sound a little disjointed. But anyway.

I drove by myself for the first time today. I don't know how I managed to do it, and I had to have a moment of total PANIC!, but I did it. It was not a normal car either. It was a truck. A covered pickup truck, which was impossible to see out the back of. Not exactly the easiest thing to manuever. All I have to say is that I'm glad I wasn't going far and that the traffic was light. I'm not exactly as elated as I think I should be over the whole thing, getting through that whole first time driving by myself thing. Relieved might be a better term, though I'm still not looking forward to the next time.

And now that I think about it, a trial by fire is rather apt--the truck was bright red.

On a different note, though, I learned today that mulberry weed, Fatua villosa is the Tribble of the botanical world. Apparently it grows flowers not only on the first set of true leaves it gets, but also on the cotyledons (also known as the leaves it has as an embryo and are the first leaf-like organs it shows when it sprouts). In other words, it's born pregnant. XD
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I'VE GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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I don't believe it.

I did it.

Holy crap I took my driver's test...and I passed. I have a driver's license now. An honest to goodness driver's license.

I suppose I should be doing handsprings or something because hey! I've got the license! I can go driving by myself, and do stuff and...stuff! I guess I'm happy about it. After all, better late than never, right?

On the other hand, though, I'm not all that happy.

Here's why )

I guess overall though, I'm happy. I did it, and I passed. If nothing else, one less thing. ^_^

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