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A few months ago, Eien-chan roped me into my first tabletop RPG campaign with some friends of ours. I've been kinda learning as I go and having plenty of awkward beginner's moments, but I've really started getting into it.

It turns out a side effect of really starting to enjoy it is that it's prompted my writing brain to sit up and take notice. As a result, there are scenes that show up during RP that make me think in the back of my head, "Gee, that could make an interesting story or a cute little drabble." And, well, I've let my brain run with it a little. I still feel a little dopey for doing it, but, well, it is kinda fun to flesh things out and take what happens during RP and turn into something more resembling a story. There's also one portion of one of the missions that I think could be turned into something less of a drabble and more of a short story. I'll see if I run with that or not.

So, for the innately curious, here are the three that have emerged so far, arranged in chronological order according to the campaign:

1 )

2 )

3 )
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[personal profile] impersona was in need of a story. So I wrote her one on the spot. <3 And then she double scoop dared me to post it, AND WHO AM I TO TURN DOWN A DOUBLE SCOOP DARE.

So here it is, for your enjoyment, in its off-the-cuff format (which basically means I copied it directly from gchat):

Once upon a time, there was a banana! It was a very green banana, and all the other bananas made fun of him, because they were all pretty and yellow.

Banana was very sad, and cried a lot. But then one day his fairy bananamother came, and gave him hope! "DO NOT WORRY, BANANA," she said "ONE DAY YOU WILL BE A GREAT AND WONDERFUL BANANA AND ALL THE OTHER BANANAS WILL LOVE YOU." And Banana said, "That's great! Would you stop screaming?"

So Banana went on his fruity way, and tried to keep his spirits up. One by one all the other bananas were eaten, as befitting bananas. Our friend Banana willed and willed and willed with all his might to turn yellow, for surely it would soon be his turn!

AND THEN. One day, he looked in the reflection of the kitchen window, and to his surprise, he found he wasn't quite so green as before!

THIS WAS VERY EXCITING. He willed some more, and he became more yellow! And more yellow! And even more yellow!

"HOORAY!" thought Banana, "Soon I will be as yellow as the other bananas and then I will be eaten!"

And so Banana waited for the day when he would be eaten. At that point he was the only banana left. But tragically, the person who had bought the bunch had grown tired of bananas every day, and missed out on that perfect point at which Banana was perfect to be eaten.

Banana started to grow spots, at which point the person that bought the bunch wanted nothing to do with him anymore. He sat on the counter, alone and forgotten, turning browner and browner.

Banana started to cry. "Oh why," he lamented, "Why did I have to be the last one? I'm so lonely now!" That's when his fairy bananamother came back again.

"WELL THIS IS SOMEWHAT UNEXPECTED," she said, "BUT TAKE HEART, BANANA. I STILL SEE A GOOD FUTURE FOR YOU." Banana cried again. "How?" he asked, "How can you?" "IT'S A MYSTERY" Banana godmother said, and disappeared in a cloud of ethylene.

And so Banana sat and sat. And then one day, he found himself getting picked up! He got very excited. Maybe now was when he was going to be eaten! He was peeled! This made him even more excited!

And then he was put in a bowl. Well this was very disconcerting, he thought. And then others were put into the bowl with him. "Who are you all?" he asked as he swirled about with the others, mingling as the spoon turned. "We're sugar!" some little white creatures said as they whizzed by, "I'm an egg!" another said before it mingled with Banana.

"What are you all doing here?" he asked, "I'm a banana. I was peeled. I was supposed to be eaten!"

"You will be!" a chorus of raisins said joyously, "You were perfect to join us! You'll be our friend, won't you? You seem very sweet." "Oh yes!" a cloud of baking soda said, "Very sweet indeed! We like you very much!" "Really?" Banana said, "Gosh, how nice!"

"We're all going to be eaten together!" The milk said, "And you're the whole reason behind it, Banana!" Banana would have blushed, if bananas could, and if he wasn't already incorporated with all the other ingredients. Still, he was deliriously happy, "This is like a dream come true!" he said as they were all popped into the oven. And it truly was, for it is the dream of every forgotten banana to become banana bread.
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I seem to be amassing a list of things I want to do when/if I ever stop being a graduate student (Will it ever end? Augh.). Among other things, I want to try participating in Schmoopy Bingo.

My Card! )

It has officially been added to the list of things I want to do when I'm done. I suspect I'm going to go all-RP on it, as I don't really think I have any fandoms that particularly drive me to want to write for them. Anyone have any particular rows/diagonals they want to see done? <3
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[ profile] erstwhiletexan has put together a fiction writing community for those of us who want to hone our skills, get critical feedback, or just need a kick in the pants in order to do some writing on a regular basis. The basic premise is that on the first of each month a prompt is posted, and then members have until the 21st to write and post a short story, at which point everyone critiques everyone else's stories. It promises to be full of awesome, and I'm really looking forward to working in it. <3 I've been wanting to do some more writing, including dabbling a bit more in original fiction. I think it'll also give me the chance to work on my writing skills, particularly my ability to write succinctly.

SO COME ONE, COME ALL. [ profile] sandboxfiction's the name, writing's the game! <3
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Hooray for more winter rush stories! We have another EVER SO SLIGHTLY BELATED Christmas giftfic, this one for Tami. I had fun with this one, especially considering how it's pretty much the only setting where Miniel and Aliphriel have a healthy father/son relationship. <3

Title: The Art of Walnuts
Series: ANCD, Extended Holy War Setting
Characters: Aliphriel, Briah, Miniel
Warnings: May cause diabetes. Also, boob cookie.
Summary: Aliphriel and Miniel make cookies for Yule, and Aliph gets creative.

Miniel always loved holiday traditions.


Jan. 7th, 2009 08:43 pm
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Good GRIEF what a strange day. Pressure changes so crazy they make me nauseous, high winds, random cloudbursts, and HAIL. IN JANUARY. From what I can tell, hail is a summer thing. Of course, it had to start hailing while I was trying to get home in the dark and rain, so I decided then would be a very good time to pull into a gas station and buy gas and hope that the hail would stop (it did). WTF, weather?

So, things start up for me again tomorrow. You know I'm massively excited. >_> I've already started having bad dreams about teaching (the most recent one involved me trying to give my class an exam, but the TV in the room was possessed, or something, because it would keep randomly turning on and distracting them. I couldn't get it to turn off, so I had to mute it). My schedule is really weird. I'm teaching basically all day on Mondays, now. Tuesday and Wednesday are basically free for the moment, although I still have to go to seminar on Tuesdays (*groan*). Friday is lab prep day, which just leaves Thursdays. Thursdays SUCK. In the words of the great Arthur Dent, I could never get the hang of Thursdays. I've got a 10AM class, and then a second class in the evening from 5:30-8:30. It's at a center that's not on the main campus, either, so I'm going to have to hop a bus to get out there. And because I have that early morning class, I can't just go down to school after my brother gets home. So that means I'll have to ride in with my mother like always (and get up at the crack of WTF), and have a day that basically lasts from 7 in the morning until 8:30 at night. You know I'm positively enthused.

On a better note, though, I got a nice chunk of writing done! 8 stories drafted, including a couple songfics and two giftfics. They all need to be hit repeatedly with the edit stick before they're presentable, but I'm still pretty pleased with myself. Editing them oughta keep me pretty busy during the semester.

Now, if only my pinky would stop hurting. It's protesting when I use the 'shift' key. Meh.
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I have been writing insanely lately. Now that I actually have a bit of *gasp* free time, I've been writing every chance I get. I've got all these story ideas bouncing around, and I'm trying to get as many of them down as possible. I finally realized that I should treat this a little like a mini NaNo. With the exception of tags, I'm just trying to hammer out as many drafts as I can before school starts up again. I'm not doing much in the way of editing--just trying to get them down. That way, when school does roll around, I have lots of piping hot drafts, ready to be edited. I find it's much easier to edit things when I have other stuff on my plate than it is to craft something new.

So that is what I am doing. <3
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YES! I got an A+ in the herbarium course and an A in plant form and function! I cannot TELL you how happy I am about the A in plant form and function. It was a very difficult, intense class, especially considering it was very molecularly oriented (things like, plants bend towards light! Let's figure out the EXACT CHEMICAL PATHWAYS that cause that to happen!), which is difficult for those of us who are on more of a whole-plant scale. The class was also very work-intense too, featuring two exams, an independent paper, two presentations, and 1-2 articles a week that we had to read and post something intelligent on. It's a lot when you have twelve thousand other things to worry about at the same time.

But nevertheless, I DID IT and I'm happy. Check mark for this semester!

This is gonna be a busy break. I've got grant applications to do, presents to make, Daleks to knit, and a ton of stories I want to write. I'm gonna try to do as much writing as I can and as much as my brain will allow me to do in the next couple of weeks.

On a slightly different note, I smell like cherry blossoms, thanks to the Sakura bath bomb I used earlier. I'm totally loving this scent. Dunno that I love it as much as I love Blue Skies, but it's still really delicious. <3

On a more slightly different note, last night I went to Eien-chan's company Christmas party, which was full of massive deliciousness. I was feeling pretty well gorged by the end. I can also now say that I've tried raw oysters. That was an interesting experience. I dunno that I'd willingly get them again, but I can at least now say that I've tried them. They taste very...oceany. That's the best way I can describe it. They're like eating the ocean. In retrospect, it's very Moira-like. Ah Moira, we love you. <3

Note to self: Write at least a second part to the Anika albumfic over the break. I need to keep working on that. I've got 11 more songs to get through!
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I still entirely blame this on Angie. <3

Series: ANCD, Beacon City setting
Characters: Acheliah, Miniel
Warnings: Beware of sleepy cuddling!
Summary: A short brain-spasm drabble featuring the end of a busy day.

The movie had never gone into the DVD player. )
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There, finally, FINALLY started on my Gesma albumfic, using Cory Sipper's album "Sincerely" for the songs. This has been sitting waiting for me to edit it for eons. Finally got around to it. <3

I work to stand straight in a natural world
Work to be noticed, work to be invisible
Once I was a mermaid in the deep and tranquil sea
Once I was a mermaid and I was merely floating

Full lyrics )

Fic )
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Whirling the ficlet meme, I mean. ^^;

Anyway, I figured I could go ahead and ask for requests, and then dive into them next week after class is done with. I've never done anything like this before so...we'll see how far I get. I will, of course, do my bestest to honor the requests I get. <3 <3 As far as what to request...

--RPG goodness is probably what I know the best, so that will probably be your best bet.

--As far as other fandoms, I suspect about the only ones that I think I could pull off well enough would be Sailor Moon, MLP, Watership Down, and possibly FY.

--As far as how high the rating limit goes...I've never really tried writing anything beyond cuddling. Though I guess there's always a first time. I guess, if you ask for smut, I'll try to write it, but it might be worthwhile to have a backup request, because I don't know how far I'll get with it.

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