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So I'm back in Winter Haven for more picture taking. By myself this time, so yay lonesomeness.

After fighting with images for about an hour this evening, I decided to venture out and find food. I go across the way to a panini place Eien-chan pointed out to me last time, and ordered a hummus panini and some soup. I take it with me back to my room so I can hole up for the night. So I get back to the lappy, start up the interwebs, and settle in to eat my sammich.

I check gmail, and notice the ad along the top--for hummus.


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I thought of [ profile] grant_p when I heard this.

So, my Wednesday mornings now consist of sitting at a dissecting scope peering at dried grass and taking measurements for several hours. As you can imagine, this is an absolutely riveting task. So, to keep my brain occupied, I listen to the radio, particularly the morning show of one of the local stations. Since it was a morning show, they were giving periodic traffic updates for people going to work. Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to them (seeing as I'm where I need to be at, well, 7AM. >_>), but my ears pricked up when the traffic girl mentions there were some delays due to a transformer fire that had caused a power outage and thus had killed some traffic lights.

The DJs immediately leaped on this. "Oh no! Optimus Prime!" "Was it an Autobot or a Decepticon?" "BUMBLEBEE'S ON FIRE!!!"

The next time the transformer fire was mentioned, they included a sound clip from the old TV show, just to drive the point home. "Autobots! Move out!" XD

I was giggling like an idiot. When you're on sleep dep at 8 in the morning, this is comedy gold.
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I am watching the Muppet Show.

And drinking mint chocolate Bailey's.

I am also knitting.

This, I believe, has to be one of the strangest combinations in existence.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 05:36 pm
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I'm not sure whether I should be dying laughing or endlessly horrified over this:

The Beatles are back!

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A nervous habit I have is that I always check my alarm clock before I go to bed, just to make sure that I didn't knock the time off whack while sleepily smacking the clock in the morning. I don't know what button it is I pushed, but as I was doing it last night I somehow switched it to what I can only assume was the radio, with Bush giving some sort of speech on something or other. It took a good few minutes before I figured out how to turn it off (somehow it involved hitting the snooze button). Sorry, Mr. President, but no, you can't sing me a lullaby.

ALSO. The legends are true! I have seen it! Water DOES fall from the sky! It is an amazing thing! It made everything wet! LO, I HAVE SEEN THE SKY OPEN UP AND POUR UPON THE EARTH!
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While leaving the library to go home, I happened to casually glance at a row of books, and noticed a book titled "Underwater Acoustics".

...only I read "Underwear Acoustics" at first and went "Wait, wait, WHAT?"

It's an intriguing question, though. What sort of studies would be done? The dynamics of echoes in briefs vs. G-strings? How boxers absorb sound? The mind boggles. XD
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THESE. I must make them. For they are awesome. I'm already slated to make three--one for me, one for Eien-chan, and one for [ profile] lighthawk. Any others? XD

I do so need to get on the ball with my knitting. I feel like I'm behind, especially since I seem to keep hoarding yarn. "No, I do not need lemon yellow silk yarn!" "...but it's so pretty and soft..."

Part of the problem is that lately, my brain has *not* wanted to do little things like knitting. I don't quite know what happened, but my brainmeats, especially when it comes to creative-like things, have been running at full tilt recently, particularly in the writing category. It's rather exhausting. I keep thinking of things to write and things to get down and ideas for stories and characters and it's so friggin' hard to keep up with, particularly since it all comes in jumbles, leaping from one thing to another and more often than not, I'm not in a position at the time to put it to paper/computer. I feel like my mind needs to shut down for a while so it can recharge, but I don't even know how I can get it to just *settle down*. It's particularly irritating on the weekends. Staying up late and sleeping in on weekends is fun. Staying up late, sleeping, then waking up early because you woke up juuuuuust enough for your brain to boot up and begin its frantic "Must do must do must DOOOOOO" before you could get back to sleep, however, is not.

Someone please tell my mind to stop bouncing around up there and get to bed.
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A week or two ago I started a little windowsill herb garden, due to a sudden desire for fresh herbs and a lack of sufficient season growing time. Thus far they've been doing quite well, being all cute and seedling-like and all that.

But today...the HORROR. I went over to rotate them, since they all loves them some suns and need constant reminding that the correct way to grow is 'up', when I discovered that the thyme pot, which had a very large contingent of seedlings, was suddenly very bare. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that somebody had come along and CUT OFF THEIR LITTLE HEADS AND ATE THEM. SERIOUSLY. There were just some tiny seeding stumps where they were, baby leaves gone and everything. Only one managed to survive the slaughter.

Part of me wants to replace them with new seed, but another part is worried it'll only encourage the culprit.

I really want to know what did it too, in part because I feel a vague need for VENGEANCE. I know occasionally I've had issues with some little gnat-like creatures, and there have been one or two hanging around the seedlings, but they always seem much more interested in the soil than in the plants themselves. Perhaps I was wrong.
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Hmmhmm, yay for half-days, not so yay for not being able to go home for a few hours. But also yay for computer labs. ^_^

So whilst I'm trying to rev myself up to do something, I'll tell you all about how I got attacked by a water fountain today. Thankfully, it wasn't a good shot, or I might be dead. This morning, finding myself quite dry of throat, I went to the water fountain right next to the herbarium, as I often do. Little did I know it was lying in wait. I had just leaned over and pressed the bar lever thing in the front, when, instead of the usual happy burbling arc of water, *shot* a stream of it at me. It only managed to graze my cheek and make me emit a little noise of surprise, but damn I'm glad that didn't go in my mouth. The water appeared to be a disturbing brown color, not typically associated with happy burbling fountains and usually indicating possible possession.

I suspect if it had, I might have been running down the hall, simultaneously gagging and yelling about how the fountains were staging a revolution oh god I'm dying they're going to get us alllllll.
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Don't you just hate it when an idea comes across you in passing, and you try to get rid of it because you have other things to do, but then it takes root, starts to develop, and will not. Go. Away?

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A thought that should have registered Saturday morning whilst I was in uber-baking mode, but for some reason is only coalescing now:

Please tell me I'm not the only one in the world who, whilst beating cream into a whipped variety, has the uncontrollable urge to sing Devo.

Also, the floor underneath me keeps shaking. This makes me nervous, as I imagine huge mecha-beavers are gnawing away at the library foundation, preparing to make it topple down so they can use the pieces for their metal mecha-beaver dams.
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What does it mean when one dreams up a subconscious milkshake that features Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, spy movies, and a couple of sweet potatoes?

I only wish I was making this up.

Trying to figure it all out did remind me of something, though. Do any of you remember a Power Rangers ripoff show during its heyday called "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills"? I actually remember catching a couple of episodes while it was on. It was...*cough* bad *cough cough*. And so obviously "OMG we can totally milk the Power Rangers cash cow by creating a show also featuring martial arts teenagers, Godzilla-style battles, and world-conquering supervillains with kooky sidekicks!"

And after looking it up on the web, I'd also like to add: Who arbitrarily decided that Apollo was part of the zodiac, let alone a constellation? I mean, at least be consistent and do one like Leo. Leo could do some serious ass-kicking.
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For those of you who came in late, it's a new year! Avobaby's resolution is to get branches, while Potatobob's is to...not get any more bugs. Last week I discovered to my horror that aphids had gotten to Potatobob. I'm still not sure how exactly they got there either, unless they were already on it when I got it and were woken up by Potatobob's sprouting. Either way, this was not good, and required rectification. I first thought I could get away with using the forceps from my old dissection kit (you know you've converted from biology to botany when your old dissection kit is now used for botanical surgery) to pick them off a la hungry bird, but there were a lot there, and they had a thing for hiding in the leaf whorls where I couldn't get at them. There were also some weird grub things which I plucked off. Both the grub things and the aphids were really starting to get to me (particularly what happened when I pulled them off, which I'm not going to go into), and eventually I was so nauseous from the proceedings that I abandoned the forceps idea and hit them with my insecticidal soap. They got another hit today. That'll teach them to bother Potatobob.

Anyway, on to Avobaby pictures!

All your leaf are belong to us! What you say? )

On a different note, my comment on the current weather:



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When I was little, The Polar Express was a book that was frequently brought out during the holidays. Even now, it ranks as one of my favorite Christmas books. This is probably a large part of the reason why I wasn't too excited when the movie adaptation came out--I find it very hard to believe that a full-length movie could be made out of a children's book that's as short as it was, and that it could be made good. Last night, I caught the movie on TV and discovered I was proven right. Aside from the fact that I didn't care much for the animation, I found it to be ripe with mocking moments.

Here are but a few )

Per what seems to be the case almost all the time, the book was way better.
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So, I walk into the stalls in the first floor bathroom in the building where I work, and I find myself confronted with a perplexing sight: sitting on the toilet, just behind the seat where the flusher would be (the flusher itself is mounted on the wall, so there's basically a blank spot) was a spoon. Arranged neatly. Like it was supposed to be there.

I stood there for a good couple of minutes trying to figure out the scene before me. Input error. Reboot. The spoon waited patiently while I tried to explain its presence. However, *nothing* made sense in my mind as to why it would be sitting on the toilet. I mean, what was so boggling was how neatly arranged the spoon was on it. Is it some sort of new bathroom benefit? A toilet spoon? No! I've got it! It's a loospoon! A LOOSPOON! XDD

Anyway, moving on, books!

Yay! More books! #9 and #10! )

Also, on a side note: natural honey locust trees? SCARIEST. TREES. EVER.
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Last year, I lamented the fact that fair food includes such deep fried delicacies as deep fried twinkies, candy bars, and most mind-bogglingly, fruit. I discovered today, though, that they really have managed to think of something even worse for this year's upcoming fair:

Deep. Fried. Coca-Cola.

I'll let you think about that for a moment. Okay, moving on now. From what I've heard, this seemingly undoable feast-for-the-arteries appears to involve taking Coca-Cola syrup, squizzling it into a deep fat fryer, and putting the subsequent fried curly strands into coke cans. Gaaagh. I'm gagging just thinking about it. Makes me almost pine for the days when deep fried candy bars were the worst you could find at the fair.
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I have a tentacle monster in my room.

Or, well, I have one in the making, anyway. My split leaf philodendron (also known as a swiss cheese plant, due to the characteristic holey leaves) is the biggest plant I have. Stretched out, it's almost as tall as I am. Technically speaking, though, it's actually a vine. Now generally, depending on the species, vines have several mechanisms for doing the whole climbing thing that typically constitutes a vine--some physically twine themselves around thing, while others put out tendrils or other appendages to hoist themselves up. My philodendron falls into the latter category.

This is partially my fault. I've been using a dowel to give it some support, but it's long outgrown it. I bought some wire mesh a while back with the idea of making a long tube with it that the philodendron can climb up, but I keep forgetting to do stuff with it. In the meantime, it's gotten bigger and bigger, and now frequently falls over, thanks to being all top-heavy and all.

When I went upstairs to my room today, I found it had once again fallen over. Okay, no big deal. I had moved it back up so that the dowel somewhat supported it when I noticed it had put out some rather...long tendrils, apparently searching out something to grab ahold of. I went about fishing to see where these things had gone, and discovered that it had managed to violate a lampshade I had sitting on the ground. It had managed to get itself into it to the point where it required a knife to separate the two. Thankfully that was the only thing it had really managed to attack, and in the end, neither the shade nor the plant were really worse for wear, since it just required cutting the plastic cover on it in order to get them apart, but I now need to find a way to wash a lampshade.

I now have serious motivation to repot it and give it that mesh column to climb up so I don't have to worry about it doing things I might not like, like attacking me in my sleep.
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Oh, and another thing.

I turned on the radio today and was greeted with what sounded like essentially the Star Wars main theme with a generous helping of disco. What. The. Hell. Has anyone else heard of this?
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Okay, the fact that it is the beginning of FEBRUARY, and it is 73 DEGREES is starting to bother me. For one thing, all the plants are thinking "Yippee! It's spring!" and are starting to bud out and such, which means the time is perfect now for some horrible cold snap to come through and do some serious damage. For another thing, it's just the principle. It should not be this warm in February. I should not be putting away the heavy coat until March.

Mama Nature, lay off the gin. Your drinking problem is getting out of hand, and if you don't shape up and stop being drunk while doing your weather duties, we're all going to have to get together and stage an intervention.

In other news, we got a gardening catalog in the mail that is positively awesome. The sucker is THICK, and has got tons and tons of really lovely plants, including things that I have never seen in a gardening catalog before, including honeysuckle and blueberries. I could not. Stop. Drooling. The only drawback though is that a fair amount of their things were rather pricey, which made me sad because I want something like one of everything. I guess if nothing else, we could use it as a resource for the sorts of things out there, then go searching to see if we can find them cheaper someplace else. Some of the plants don't look too expensive tho, so they might be feasable for one or two unusual plants we can't get elsewhere. Oh, and they do have a website: In case anyone's interested. <3 <3
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Well, it's the New Year. Huzzah!

I hope it'll be a good one. This year's had it's ups and downs, just like any other one. Good things included learning a ton about plant systematics, watching my cousin get married, going to Disney, getting good grades in my classes, one of my profs liking my papers so much he asked me to use them for next semester's class, and getting to act a little again. Bad things included getting my first 'C' on a paper ever, breaking my "All A's" streak, and the biting incident. I don't know that I'll necessarily make any resolutions, since I don't necessarily know I'll be able to keep them or not. But I can make some predictions. I predict that I'll finish school, and maybe hopefully find someplace to work until I've got money saved up for grad school, and I'll do my senior project, and maybe learn some yoga. What else'll happen? I have no idea. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Hm. I think I may be somewhat out of it right now. I don't think I'm making much sense.

I don't think I had very much of an eventful transition into the New Year. We were at my aunt's place all evening, and by the time we got back home, we had about two minutes to go before the ball dropped. So we watched that, did our obligatory 'yay!'-ing, and then I promptly went and hopped in the shower. Yes, very ceremonial of me.

Yesterday marked my first trip into an ABC store. I know that's probably not the biggest deal in the world, but hey, it's something I've never done before. It's kinda like wanting to buy tobacco because you're 18. You don't necessarily want to do anything with it, but you want to at least buy it because you *can*. I don't think I'd want to drink anything there(I accompanied mum, who was buying whiskey), but I wanted to go because I *could*.

Nevertheless, I found it to be an interesting experience. Some of the liquors there are...unique. Like cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes in it. I'm still not quire sure I know how that'd work. Would you drink the gold flakes? Is there a filter? Do you pick them out? It seems rather odd to me.

But in any case, I have to admit, some of the liquor bottles are incredibly interesting and pretty. I like neat bottles. ^_^

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