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How terrible is it of me that I saw band-aids with Amy Brown artwork on them, and wanted them? How much more terrible is it of me that I actually went and got them? ^_^;;;;

On a different note, I have henna! The local Fantasy Store of Total Awesomeness opened their expansion this weekend, and in part to celebrate, the henna artist that's gonna be associated with them was doing pieces for free. So I now have a nice ivy vine twining around my wrist. <3 She even put green glitter onto the henna paste so it was all sparkly and lovely while the paste was on and drying. I loves me some henna.
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The weather-types say that this pollen season is the worst we've seen in eight years, with double the normal pollen count. I believe it. It's *everywhere*, and it's getting into everything. In some places it's so thick it looks like blackboard chalk. Stand still outside long enough, and you'll be yellower than Big Bird.

So I'm now curious, is the pollen as bad elsewhere? How has the season of allergies been for you people?
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What does it mean when one dreams up a subconscious milkshake that features Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, spy movies, and a couple of sweet potatoes?

I only wish I was making this up.

Trying to figure it all out did remind me of something, though. Do any of you remember a Power Rangers ripoff show during its heyday called "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills"? I actually remember catching a couple of episodes while it was on. It was...*cough* bad *cough cough*. And so obviously "OMG we can totally milk the Power Rangers cash cow by creating a show also featuring martial arts teenagers, Godzilla-style battles, and world-conquering supervillains with kooky sidekicks!"

And after looking it up on the web, I'd also like to add: Who arbitrarily decided that Apollo was part of the zodiac, let alone a constellation? I mean, at least be consistent and do one like Leo. Leo could do some serious ass-kicking.
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So, let me know if there's some sort of bread trend that I'm completely unaware of.

I read an article in the paper today about childhood obesity and how parents are oblivious to their children's weight problems. Okay, fine. Now, after this article, there were some statistics to help drive the point home, such as how many parents limit their kids TV time, how much exercise they get per week, etc. There was one thing in it, though, that made me raise an eyebrow and become instantly skeptical about some of these numbers. One of these lists discussed how portion sizes have grown over the years, how hamburgers are bigger and how supersizing has caused french fries to become highly dangerous caloric material. In particular, it mentioned that bagels have jumped in size from three inches to diameter to six. ...bwuh? Call me crazy, but I have yet to see a bagel that's six inches in diameter. Four inches? Yes, but not six. Am I just not in an area that's big on bagels? And I'm assuming they mean your standard round, hole-in-the-middle-that's-perfect-for-an-extra-cream-cheese-stash bagel, not those square bagel-like things or whatnot. I consider those to be distinctly not-bagels.
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I think some drunken faeries have taken up residence in my front yard. We had a rainstorm a couple days ago, which prompted some mushrooms to start popping up. They bore *some* resemblance to a circle, only part of it was cut off by the road, and the lines were really shaky and off kilter. Today, however, they formed a more solid semicircle. Maybe the faeries had sobered up, although that's what you get when a bunch of drunk-ass faeries decide to try and build a faery ring with hugemongous mushrooms--you get a wobbly faery semicircle that all the other faeries are gonna laugh at because, you know, INEPTITUDE and all. And I bet the older faeries are all annoyed because of all the noise from the parties. And that one that ran across the yard with a pillow stuffed up his shirt and a ball cap on his head yelling "LOOKIT ME! I'M A HUMAN!"

Or something.

Though that does beg the question, what would faeries get drunk on? And would they have keggers?
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A question:

"Buckle up for safety": Engrish, or not Engrish?
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And now, a random question:

What would be the ingredients in Campbell's Primordial Soup?
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The other day I was spending my Tuesday afternoons the way I usually do--staying after class in the systematics lab, looking over the plants that had been set out for the day and practicing my keying. The book we use for keying is this big fat monster with something like 1500 or 2000 pages or so. I've never really bothered to look. Maybe I should, the next time I'm in the lab. In any case though, it's a big book. So, I was keying out a plant, probably one of the practice plants, I can't remember which one, when the book tells me to turn to page 1001. I do so, because, well, it's darn hard to key out a plant correctly if you don't follow what the book says(Usually. But that's another story).

As I'm doing so, I start hearing this little kooky cartoony male voice in my head, saying "1001 Taste Adventures!".

Now, call me crazy, but unless I've totally lost it, I'm almost CERTAIN that this was a voice from my youth, most likely from some commercial I saw over and over again while watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was also most likely trying to sell a food of some sort. Not too many sock commercials out there advertising for their taste, or how many adventures one can have with the taste of a sock. The problem is, I can't remember for the life of me what food it was that was promising so many taste adventures. It's starting to bother me that I can't remember. I've consulted the almighty google, but sadly have come up for naught in that regard. Found lots of sites recommending restaurants and what sort of taste adventures I can have in X city, but nothing that seems to touch on kooky cartoony males and Saturday morning commercials.

So, I pose the question to all of you, for the sake of my curiousity. Do any of you remember said commercial, and what it was advertising for?

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