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There are apparently two knitting stores within decent driving distance of where I live. One is up towards the uni, and I've been there multiple occasions. While I'm quite fond of it, I wanted to see this other knitting store, just to see what they have. So today I set out to find it.

For a while there, I was thinking that the world was trying to keep me from getting to it, as if I went, it would cause a rip in the fabric of the space-time continum and destroy half the universe. Luckily that didn't happen, but damn finding it was a quest.

First, there was The Train. In order to get to the part of down I wanted to get to, it requires crossing some train tracks. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, except there was a train crossing it. A very long train. A Very. Slow. Train. Upon realizing that if I sat there and waited for it, I would probably be needing dentures by the time it passed, I bailed out, and headed back the way I came. Now, I remember from my school bus riding days that when we needed to cross the train tracks, and there was a train in the way, the bus driver would bypass the train by going down the road a ways and passing under a bridge that the train tracks run over. However, I've never attempted trying to find it myself. And so, running completely on instinct and sheer luck, I somehow managed to fumble my way down the road and find the bridge. Obstacle #1 passed.

Now, my instincts had been telling me that the store was going to be in a little square downtown that I had been to a couple of times. There were some other crafty-type things in that vicinity. So I go there, park, wander, and find out that it's not there. The street number I'm looking for is 214, and the store numbers are all in the 100s. Okay, so, I look to see which way the numbers are increasing, get back into the car, and drive onwards. Drive, drive, okay, there's 200, drive drive, 237. Oh crap, overshot it. Turn around at this slightly creepy car wash, drive back the other way. I eventually park somewhere between them and start looking for where the elusive 214 might be. It's nowhere to be found, as if 214 is caught in another dimension, and now exists only as a gateway between here and Hell. Finally, I call home, ask Dad to look it up on google maps, and we figure out that I was apparently on the WEST version of the street, whereas I needed to be on the EAST version of the street. So finally, after getting some directions, I get back into the car, and finally find the place.

I have to admit, it was worth the search. It is a literal HOUSE O' YARN. It's run by a little old lady, and the house the store is based out of looks like it's been there longer than the town has (and it had cute low ceilings up on the second floor), and basically every single room in the entire house is stuffed CHOCK FULL of yarn. It was like a fiber nirvana. I got a couple of balls of yarn, and it was good.

I've also determined that I really shouldn't let myself go into used bookstores, as I'll undoubtedly find something I want to get. After a trip to the used bookstore, I came out with a King's Quest novel (WTF awesome!) and a book on Iron Chef. The original Iron Chef.
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THESE. I must make them. For they are awesome. I'm already slated to make three--one for me, one for Eien-chan, and one for [ profile] lighthawk. Any others? XD

I do so need to get on the ball with my knitting. I feel like I'm behind, especially since I seem to keep hoarding yarn. "No, I do not need lemon yellow silk yarn!" "...but it's so pretty and soft..."

Part of the problem is that lately, my brain has *not* wanted to do little things like knitting. I don't quite know what happened, but my brainmeats, especially when it comes to creative-like things, have been running at full tilt recently, particularly in the writing category. It's rather exhausting. I keep thinking of things to write and things to get down and ideas for stories and characters and it's so friggin' hard to keep up with, particularly since it all comes in jumbles, leaping from one thing to another and more often than not, I'm not in a position at the time to put it to paper/computer. I feel like my mind needs to shut down for a while so it can recharge, but I don't even know how I can get it to just *settle down*. It's particularly irritating on the weekends. Staying up late and sleeping in on weekends is fun. Staying up late, sleeping, then waking up early because you woke up juuuuuust enough for your brain to boot up and begin its frantic "Must do must do must DOOOOOO" before you could get back to sleep, however, is not.

Someone please tell my mind to stop bouncing around up there and get to bed.
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Okay, I checked with the grad secretary about what the minimum on GREs is for the department. Apparently it's all subjective, and is compared to the scores of other applicants, as well as being incorporated into things like the applicant's undergrad career and so on. So I guess I should just apply and see what happens.

Also, I've been meaning to make a post about this, but I kept forgetting. >_> I finished my cleaves! I actually managed to finish them shortly after we got home from Florida, thanks to having 24+ hours to work on the cowl part.

Picture! )

They are very green! The picture shows them in the proper folded-down position for wearing. I knitted them out of acrylic, as that was what I could get my hands on at the time that I could actually wear (I lament at my allergy to wool ;_; ) and was a pretty color. I know there are some horrible things said about acrylic, but I've knitted with some acrylic that's not been that bad. This, for instance. It's actually quite fuzzy and warm. I guess it depends on the brand you get, or something. Anyway.

I'm actually rather happy with how it turned out. I had a couple of rather royal flubups, including not realizing that to get stockinette in the round, you don't turn the needles (and having to undo a ton of work to fix it), and messing up the ribbing just as I was starting the cowl (I ended up having to leave it in and fix it as I went, but it looks like you can't really tell). And while making the cowl, I was getting the sneaky suspicion that it wouldn't fit me, but it seems to have turned out okay. It expands quite a bit once it's off the needles. It's even a little bit big, which might be good, as it makes it a bit cozier. They're very nice when you're cold, but not so much that you need a whole sweater.

Oh yeah, the pattern!
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Okay, a quick update on things, seeing as it's been a while.

First, and most importantly, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. They've been reassuring, and I feel blessed to know all you lovely and wonderful people. *collective hugs* Tomorrow, I go to take the test. I don't feel quite so much in the dire straits I was in before, but I am still quite nervous. The lengthy list of regulations and procedures doesn't help matters either. I feel like I'll be thrown out if I sneeze wrong, cough too loudly, or wear a red shirt. And if I bring a mechanical pencil? They'll string me up by my toenails for such blasphemy.

But anyway. Wish me luck. <3 <3 <3

On a different note, I've started my new job in the department, which is basically the old job I had last year, when I was helping with the plant systematics class, but more. I'm essentially being considered a TA, which is both exciting and terrifying. My main job during the actual class part is to help with fielding questions during the lab. Since it's a high-level class (seniors and post-grads), I don't need to worry about answering dumb questions like, "Which are the leaves again?". On the other hand, though, when they do ask questions, they ask doozies. Methinks class time will become my biweekly brain yoga session. ^_^;;

Avobaby and Hal status will be reported after GREs.

But on the vegetable front, my singular tomato is reddening! Joy! A few more days, and I think it'll be ready for picking. I'm horribly worried that something will happen to it beforehand, though, whether it be it gets eaten by a buggy creature, it gets eaten by a furry creature, it falls off, it decides to move to Nova Scotia, or something like that. So I'm guarding it carefully, and testing its firmness each day. Hopefully I can snatch it before the creatures do. I'm also hoping that since the weather should be starting to cool off now, I'll hopefully get more tomatoes. According to my Big Book of Gardening Questions, tomato pollen becomes unuseable when it gets above 95 degrees, which may, at least in part, explain my lack of produce, when combined with the aforementioned fertilizing issues. So hopefully I'll get at least one or two more before the season ends.

On a side note, I had a dream last night that I had grown oodles upon oodles of tomatoes, which were all hanging ripe and heavy on the vine, ready for the picking. Maybe that's a sign from the ghost of growing seasons future. XD

Definitely ready to get this test behind me, in any case. I'm going into creative deprivation, as indicated by things such as the itching desire to get my hands on some yarn and knit something. Well, I can try to alleviate it a little at least by doing some cooking, which is hand-oriented, anyway. Tonight, I attempt to make a vegetable hot pot with bready things which are apparently baked right on top of the stew part. This oughta be interesting.
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Since I'm kinda tuckered out, I'm going to skip the intro and go straight to the picture cut!

This is the picture cut! )

And because I have developed a love for string, I also want to show my newest finished knitting project. <3

String contained herein! )

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