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Lo, I am fiend of the potting! I managed to get 9 plants potted up in 45 minutes, with mulch and everything. I'm quite proud of myself, though it only aggravated the fact that I am BEAT.

Tomorrow's gonna be wild and crazy.

To-Do List:

--Go to optometrist and get my glasses adjusted so they ride on my nose right.
--Go to grocery store and get a pie pan and cotton balls. No, I'm not making a cotton pie. Although, I'd imagine one pie would fix your fiber requirements for the year.
--Correct exams, which will take insane amounts of time, due to the fact that I make a point of putting down the correct answers, in case someone is interested in knowing what the right answer is.
--Make two chocolate chess pies.
--Make butter. Yes, butter. Stop laughing. I got the wild idea into my head the other day that I wanted to try making butter. So, I got heavy cream and a container to shake it in, and I'm going to try my hand at making homemade butter. I think I'm going to make two batches--one plain, and one I'll mix herbs into, so it's a tasty herb butter. Yum!
--Write that email to that dude.

--Catch up on my tags.
--If there's any time left, repot the umbrella tree and the dracanea.
--If there's any time left after THAT, knit my heart out. Not literally. Though I imagine that's what creative Aztecs did with their sacrifices.
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I wanted to write a longer post, but I'm kinda buzzing and stressed out right now, so I'm just gonna do a quick message. Maybe I'll expand later.

1.) I have finished my stint in the horticulture department. I think I learned a lot, and it was definitely worthwhile, but I'm glad it's over. No more working in the heat for now! <3

2.) Instead, I'll be playing in the heat! Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be down in Florida visiting relatives. I'll be there until the 8th of August. Kenaz, my trusty laptop, will be accompanying me, so I'll be online, but it'll be inconsistent. So if you see me online and need me for something, grab me then, for I can't guarantee when I'll be on next. ^_^;
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Let's see, what's been going on with me...

--My brother graduated high school on Friday. I'm incredibly happy for him. ^_^ Especially since the school system 'round these parts is going to hell in a handbasket. They really need to stop raising the bar so high. Exit exams, senior projects, block scheduling, extra math classes--and they wonder why the dropout rate is increasing.

--I wore my TARDIS shirt today, which ended up getting noticed by a couple of people. I was tickled that there are some in the vicinity that actually got it.

--Did a bit of vegetable tending today, including pinching the latent buds on the tomatoes (as recommended by one of the people I work with to encourage them to flower) and rescuing one of the peppers from the pumpkins. Apparently, while I thought that by planting the pumpkins in front of them, they'd be inclined to move towards the light (and away from them), there was still a rogue tendril that found the pepper and decided it would make an excellent support. So that tendril got cut in a hurry. It also appears that the pumpkins are fixing to flower, which makes me happy. ^_^ It also makes me cringe slightly, because once my veggies start fruiting, the real battle against the insects (and other critters) will begin.

--Speaking of insects, though, I was happy to notice a honeybee buzzing about the thyme today. I'm hoping that means there's a hive somewhere nearby with happy, healthy, not-abandoning bees. ^_^ I've seen a lot of bumblebees around too (they love the salvia), which is nice, but that honeybee really made me smile.

--Okay sinuses, the storm from yesterday has passed through. The pressure in the air has equalized. You can stop hurting now. Don't make me get a headectomy.

I suck

Mar. 25th, 2007 12:17 pm
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I've been way way busy lately. Tons of stuff has been going on, and I've got a huge list of things to do, and it's been hectic enough that I haven't been able to say much about it. Heck, I even was a goob and didn't get around to updating Avobaby this week. I need to do that tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, since there's lots of stuff, I guess I'll just do the highlights. Bullet Time!

--IT'S SPRING! I know, old news, yes, but I mean it's really, *really* spring. All the plants in the yard are coming up, and it's making me positively euphoric. It's not just a case of "Oh yay, they survived the winter!", but it's also "Oh yay, I wonder how big they'll get this year and hey it's time to go and buy more plants to put in the yard and look lungwort and hosta and indigo and peonies and SQUEE!!".

--Probably the biggest bit of excitement on this front is that we have BLUEBELLS. I love bluebells, and when we saw some at our local garden center whilst picking out plants, I wasn't fazed by the fact that they were actually rather sad and weepy-looking, and in fact looked rather dead. My parents pointed this out to me, and that it appeared we were, in fact, buying dead plants. However, I was not to be dissuaded, because BLUEBELLS. So, we got the one that looked the least sad, and planted it. Of course, it crashed, and I figured that we had to chalk it up to the ravages of war in the garden, which made me sad. However, several days ago, I started to see life appearing in the spot where we planted it. At first I thought I was mis-remembering where we put it, and thought it was a hosta, but the leaf shape was all wrong. Then I thought it was a weed, but I decided to wait and see before pulling it up, just in case. Then a couple days ago, it's started putting out flowers. They're still in buds, but they're plentiful enough and the leaves have developed enough that I'm convinced that the bluebells have resurrected themselves. I consider this to be my biggest garden victory to date. It also means we can buy more bluebells.

--I seriously need to post an update about Avobaby and Friends. Tons of stuff is going on.

--Finally, FINALLY, after three months, my family finally had another get-together. This makes me very happy, because I miss people, and was glad to see them. My aunt brought over a box o' history to show my brother and father (the history buffs). Apparently her father was in WWII, and had made a scrapbook from his experiences. The scrapbook, however, is disintegrating, so she's going to go about having the items in it preserved. Before that, though, she wanted to show what she had to them, since they would get a kick out of it. It was pretty neat, from the two-day passes to the USO program to the pictures of her father and his buddies hamming it up for the camera to the cartoon done by one of his friends as an editorial statement on their commanding officer to the copy of the Stars and Stripes with the huge "NAZIS QUIT" headline taking up half the front page. I'm realizing I have more of my father in me than I thought, because I was pulled in by the whole thing too. Maybe that's why I'm into archival-type things, like the herbarium and the like. It is, after all, a blending of botany and history.

--Thanks to a source known as Eien-chan's Brother Who is Kind Enough to Let Me Borrow His Copy, I've started watching Firefly. All I have to say about it thus far is 'Ooooh...'. It's gotten hold of me from the plastic dinosaur battle onwards. It's also the first sci-fi series I've seen that respects the rule that there's no sound in space. That deserves a nod. Anyway, this looks like it's gonna be fun.

--I really need to get back onto studying for the GRE. I wonder if there's a good way to get in a couple GRE words or something a day.

--Lush has brought back Fairy Jasmine bath bombs. I must get some.


Jan. 9th, 2007 07:11 pm
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Since we've officially seceded from Mindspring/Earthlink/whatever, my Mindspring email address is officially defunct. Any notes/missives/snippets/whatever should be sent to roseyru (at!) gmail (it's dot!) com


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