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What does it mean when one dreams of being the Doctor's companion, and one finds that they enjoy stroking the TARDIS as much as the Doctor does?
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Okay, a quick update on things, seeing as it's been a while.

First, and most importantly, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. They've been reassuring, and I feel blessed to know all you lovely and wonderful people. *collective hugs* Tomorrow, I go to take the test. I don't feel quite so much in the dire straits I was in before, but I am still quite nervous. The lengthy list of regulations and procedures doesn't help matters either. I feel like I'll be thrown out if I sneeze wrong, cough too loudly, or wear a red shirt. And if I bring a mechanical pencil? They'll string me up by my toenails for such blasphemy.

But anyway. Wish me luck. <3 <3 <3

On a different note, I've started my new job in the department, which is basically the old job I had last year, when I was helping with the plant systematics class, but more. I'm essentially being considered a TA, which is both exciting and terrifying. My main job during the actual class part is to help with fielding questions during the lab. Since it's a high-level class (seniors and post-grads), I don't need to worry about answering dumb questions like, "Which are the leaves again?". On the other hand, though, when they do ask questions, they ask doozies. Methinks class time will become my biweekly brain yoga session. ^_^;;

Avobaby and Hal status will be reported after GREs.

But on the vegetable front, my singular tomato is reddening! Joy! A few more days, and I think it'll be ready for picking. I'm horribly worried that something will happen to it beforehand, though, whether it be it gets eaten by a buggy creature, it gets eaten by a furry creature, it falls off, it decides to move to Nova Scotia, or something like that. So I'm guarding it carefully, and testing its firmness each day. Hopefully I can snatch it before the creatures do. I'm also hoping that since the weather should be starting to cool off now, I'll hopefully get more tomatoes. According to my Big Book of Gardening Questions, tomato pollen becomes unuseable when it gets above 95 degrees, which may, at least in part, explain my lack of produce, when combined with the aforementioned fertilizing issues. So hopefully I'll get at least one or two more before the season ends.

On a side note, I had a dream last night that I had grown oodles upon oodles of tomatoes, which were all hanging ripe and heavy on the vine, ready for the picking. Maybe that's a sign from the ghost of growing seasons future. XD

Definitely ready to get this test behind me, in any case. I'm going into creative deprivation, as indicated by things such as the itching desire to get my hands on some yarn and knit something. Well, I can try to alleviate it a little at least by doing some cooking, which is hand-oriented, anyway. Tonight, I attempt to make a vegetable hot pot with bready things which are apparently baked right on top of the stew part. This oughta be interesting.
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It seems the past few mornings I've been amusing myself awake. I don't know what it is I'm thinking about, or dreaming, or what-have-you, but I find myself waking up giggling. It wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that, you know, I kinda need the sleep, and more often than not, once my brain starts up and starts running, I really can't get myself back to sleep. I mean, hey, better than waking up screaming, right?

Wish I could figure out what it is that tickles me so in my sleep.
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I need to study. I really do. I've actually started the math review in my GRE prep book, and I think it's going pretty well, but I need to do more.

Wish I could dredge up more enthusiasm for it though. I've decided I'm going to study today, and I've set aside time and everything, but right now, I'm all, "Well, I *should* get up and get my GRE book, but Arnold's asleep on my lap, and you know, I'd just *hate* to move him and wake him up, so I think I'll just sit here."


Oh, on a different note, I dreamt last night that I somehow managed to get an advance copy of the last Harry Potter book. Maybe it was more a smuggled bootleg copy, but either way. It had a nondescript cover, but it did have that nifty-keen gold edging around the pages that I think is so spiffy. I didn't get around to reading it in the dream, but I do remember that it cost something like $110. I get the feeling that in reality, it'd cost a lot, lot more.
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Last night I dreamt I was a pirate. Well, 'treasure hunter' might have been more appropriate, considering we did very little looting and plundering of ships, but the crew and I considered myself pirates, so we were pirates. It involved lots of sailing about and crawling about dungeons in search of treasure, and featured undead skeleton soldiers underwater, attempting to find something called the Surf Key (why does that remind me of Link's Awakening?), and accidentially unleashing a hungry dragon that decided we looked like we would be excellent with a little lemon garlic butter. The best part, though, was when (after battling the undead skeleton soldiers underwater) we actually found a treasure room. It had the usual treasure accoutrements, but on top of that it had a large cache of extremely fuzzy warm blankets and My Little Ponies. Best. Treasure. Ever. I was in the midst of picking out the prime ones when my alarm went off. Damn.

Either way, I have no idea what this means.
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What does it mean when one dreams up a subconscious milkshake that features Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, spy movies, and a couple of sweet potatoes?

I only wish I was making this up.

Trying to figure it all out did remind me of something, though. Do any of you remember a Power Rangers ripoff show during its heyday called "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills"? I actually remember catching a couple of episodes while it was on. It was...*cough* bad *cough cough*. And so obviously "OMG we can totally milk the Power Rangers cash cow by creating a show also featuring martial arts teenagers, Godzilla-style battles, and world-conquering supervillains with kooky sidekicks!"

And after looking it up on the web, I'd also like to add: Who arbitrarily decided that Apollo was part of the zodiac, let alone a constellation? I mean, at least be consistent and do one like Leo. Leo could do some serious ass-kicking.

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