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For the past year or so, I've been reading the journal of [ profile] mananath, a guy who has been working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. I find it really fascinating, as it gives a glimpse into how people who work there live, and his posts are quite entertaining to boot. One thing I've learned is that during the winter, no planes can fly to the continent, so the folks that stay during the winter to keep things running are essentially physically stranded. In the meantime, they find ways to keep themselves entertained.

One way is with a 48 hr film festival. Teams from stations all over the continent (representing multiple countries) conceive, write, cast, film, and post-produce five minute films over the course of 48 hours, which are then shown and judged. Not only is it entertaining, but it's doubly fascinating due to the ability to not only get a glimpse into one station, but multiple ones.

You can see the winning films here. They're a great way to spend a little less than half an hour. They're all awesomely done and pretty fun to watch. Besides, where else can you see a gender reversal spoof of "Call On Me"? Only on Antarctica! XD
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Eien-chan linked this to me tonight. Oh, if only this were a real movie. The theaters would be swamped! XD

It's a trailer!
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I have figured it out.

This. THIS is what vegetarian zombies eat.

The liberal eating of grains is only meant to throw you off the track. And then they go after your CITRUS TREES.
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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! I hope you had an awesome one. I know I did. <3

And now, some Boxing Day entertainment:

A somewhat different rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Emosink:

It is a sink located in the ladies' first floor bathroom of the building on campus I spend most of my time in. It is missing an eye. It is emo. I love it everso. <3
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Mum and I were walking through the department store today. As we were doing so, a cute shirt dotted with lime and orange slices caught my eye.

Me: Hey, that's a cute shirt.
Mom: Oh, watermelon!
Me: fail Fruit Identification 101.
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Lo, I have achieved new levels of gooberness. I found old episodes of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" on youtube, and have thus been watching them and reminiscing over my youth whilst knitting up a storm on my sweater. In that I was knitting enthusiastically. Not that I was, you know, knitting a little hurricane symbol on my sweater. Anyway.

For super turbo boost, throw in a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm. <3 <3 <3

On a different note, I'm gonna be unavailable tomorrow, as I've been summoned to go back down to the research station, which'll be an overnight thing. I've been assured we'll be back by 5 on Friday, which is a good thing, as my brother graduates from high school at 7 that night, so theoretically that'll give me enough time to eat and wash off the first couple layers of grime before going. I really should go to this. He's sat through two of my graduations. It's about time I attended one of his. ^_^
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Aaaah, more fun with Animazement! I definitely think there are more people here than there were last year. A lot more. It was pretty darn crowded, making maneuvering an interesting experience.

Particularly interesting costumes include: A herd of Katamari Damacy relatives, a couple of Jack Sparrows (including one carrying a compass and doing a very good Jack Sparrow-walk), the ever-present walking Pocky boxes, and a Tetris piece. Sadly, the Pimp Daddy Shopping Cart did not make an appearance this year, at least as far as I could tell.

And of course, there was the musical, which was once again awesome. Featuring the adventures of several JETs in Japan (including one that didn't speak any English, and one that looked like she had the makings of a Yakuza boss), it was a good ol' show with some really spiffy writing. And once again, there was a certain [ profile] dragon_god_jc in it who didn't tell me that he was. Geez. :p And since we got in early, we got to watch the Plushie Puppetry Preshow antics. Also known as: cameramen testing their equipment, and having fun with the audience members, who held up their newly-acquired plushies for them and did little dances and whatnot. It was rather cute. ^_^

Speaking of acquisitions, including the Kumagoro plushie I got yesterday, I ended up getting a couple Sailor Moon wall scrolls, a few pins to add to my growing collection (including a pixelated old school Mario pin), and a "My Little Cthulhu" t-shirt, complete with hearts and rainbows. And, Eien-chan surprised the hell out of me (despite the fact that I ended up stumbling across him getting them for me, but that didn't really ruin the surprise for me) by getting me not one, not two, but all three of the Please Save My Earth artbooks. He made me positively wriggle with joy over that, particularly since I wasn't expecting it at all. ^_^

You can't have him. He's mine. ^_^

I've decided I want to get one more shirt tomorrow. The question is, do I want to get a Trogdor shirt, or do I want to get a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt? I'm currently leaning towards the latter, because I think it would be fun to walk around and see how many people actually get the Serenity reference. ^_^;
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I am currently sitting in the computer lab, a place which I think probably frowns upon shoelessness, and I am WITHOUT SHOES WHEEE. I am such a rebel.

I am without shoes largely because I was messing with a hose earlier, and ended up getting my shoes, socks, and part of my pants wet. Wet socks and I are not the bestest of friends. In fact, I think wet socks are rather annoying and creepy, and will in fact try to avoid talking to wet socks at all costs. And so, I am taking this moment of sitting in the computer lab during lunch to attempt to air out my wet socks a bit so they don't skeeve me quite so badly. Aaaah, it feels nice.
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I'm discovering that there are some very interestingly named landmarks in North Carolina, particularly when it comes to mountains. Some of them are just amusing. For instance, there's a Chunky Gal Mountain, and a Jump-Off Mountain (which probably has an interesting story behind it), and of course, the oh-so-well-known Booger Mountain.

And here I was thinking that towns were the only one with strange names. ^_^;
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A brief look into my mother's mind:

The other day, she got a new sweater. It's a very pretty sweater, with a neat sort of knit gradient from brown to white. She was wearing it yesterday, and commenting on the fact that it was extremely warm and comfy. Warm and comfy, like a comfort food. Like beef stew. Her conclusion, ergo, was that she was wearing beef stew. Yes, she said this. Ah, Mom. <3

Anyway, I have more books to add to my list!

More yay-books! )
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I am such a dork.

For some reason, I was thinking about Transformers while I was working in the lab, and the combination of thoughts and actions clashed, creating a hybrid that will TAKE OVER THE WORLD BWAHAHA--erm. Right.

Anyway, the end result? Lab equipment Transformers. Can't you just see it? It'd be a whole new series, with robots that transform into autoclaves and centrifuges and incubators and hot plates and everything. Of course, they wouldn't be able to do much while transformed. Although I suppose the centrifuge one could get its spinner off balance and shoot it at things. And I suppose the hot plate could burn stuff. Or, if it had a spinner, it could toss metallic stuff around!

It would TOTALLY be the next big TV craze. Really.
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I dunno what it was, but I seemed to be channeling Jane Q. Housewife today. I was doing everything from randomly picking up and straightening things chopping veggies to cook a stir fry for lunch to continuing my little project of moving several of my plants up onto a ledge where they will be out of the way during the holidays, and then going about watering them all. I also got a ton of wrapping done (using the only wrapping paper I could get ahold of at the time, which, coincidentially, was flower paper. Well, at least everyone will know who wrapped them.), which I did whilst watching the MST classic, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". Heck, I even had one of the Crown Royal truffles, thus jointly fulfilling the liquor and chocolate requirements of the stereotypical housewife.

Get me some pink hair curlers, I've gone domestical! XD
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Awesome Thing #571: Trying on a Renaissance costume you bought as a high school freshman and grew out of for a while, and discovering that it now fits again. AWESOME. <3 <3

On a side note, to those of you in my vicinity, I think we need to do something Halloweeny, even if it's just something like pumpkin cookies, peanut butter eyeballs, and a Halloweeny movie. Anyone interested?
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It was not the first time they had confronted each other. They had fought before on Tatooine, many years ago, before one tracked the other to this tiny planet, to this tinier suburban complex. One had stayed true to the Force, had followed the teachings of his master and had served the forces of good. The other had forsaken the light, turning to the dark side, seeking power above all else. Why this quest had brought him here is a mystery, unless he wished to have power over the local bicycle population.

They ran into each other on the hot asphalt of the road, drawing their lightsabers. The local boys noted what was about to go on, and moved the hockey goal they had set up in the street until the fight had passed. The air was soon thick with ozone as the Jedi and the Sith fought, their lightsabers clashing in a spectactular display that brought the neighborhood kids out to watch and go "Ooooh" and "Aaaaaah". Soon, the battle was over, with only one leaving the scene of the fight. The only remnants of the loser were his robe sprawled out onto the ground, his lightsaber resting nearby. The kids, with the excitement over, shrugged and went inside to play Super Mario Bros.

Or, at least, that's what I think would be the most interesting explanation as to why there was a lightsaber and a Jedi robe abandoned on our driveway.
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I found these little gems tonight and decided they were definitely worth sharing.

Darth Vader gets a job as a grocery store manager

I think the thing that most impresses me is that Vader's voice is a pretty good imitation of Mr. James Earl Jones.

And I think kitten!Vader is an entirely too appropriate icon in this instance. XD
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Happy birthday to me!
I'm two and twenty!
I love chocolate cake and
Sweetened milk with black tea!

I'm still finding it very strange to think of myself as 22 now. I don't really feel like I'm 22. I mean, I look in the mirror and I say to myself, "This is a 22-year old looking at you." and myself says back, "Naaaaaah." Actually, I think Dad hit the nail on the head for why this is completely weirding me out--I'm now officially a twenty-something. 20 was really the setting of being a teenager and all, and then 21 was kinda the cusp, and now I'm officialy on the other side from teenagehood and not-quite-completely-legalhood, and moving fully into the realm of adulthood and really-responsiblehood.

Hm. Being 22 has apparently also affected my ability to form coherent words and sentences.

Anyway! Birthday! It started out kinda yucky, since I ended up with a very nasty headache that seemed content to make my life miserable. After trying to will it away with aspirin and copious amounts of Sushi TV, I finally gave in and took a nap with an ice pack at my head and a dog curled up at my tummy. That managed to make it go away to the point where I didn't feel like somebody was stabbing me repeatedly over the eye with an ice pick and making me wish I could have a headectomy. Therefore, I was well enough to go out with my family and have yummy Italian food and come home and have The Best Chocolate Cake in the World and presents! Yay presents! I now have, among other things, more anime to watch and Myst V to play. That way I can find out what new tragyedy has befallen Atrus's family! Maybe it'll involve more Saavedro-like loonies! Whee!

In conclusion, headaches are bad, and chocolate cake is good. <3 <3 <3 <3
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I've just discovered an old ep of Red Dwarf playing on TV!

In fact, it looks like it's the first ep!

Aaaah, high school memories. <3 <3 <3 <3

ETA: It IS the first episode. Love.
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I'm still not quite sure what my brain was trying to do last night. I think it was a byproduct of some very intense, very random dreaming, but it appears my brain was trying to make a parody out of the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way" I think that's the name of the song. You know the one.

Anyway, the parody itself seemed to be a lament over skimpy clothing, as indicated by the single line my brain managed to produce, which I believe would be the first line of the chorus: "Tell me why you had to buy those hotpants." I got stuck though when I couldn't find a good rhyme for 'pants'. Or hotpants. Either one.

[ profile] spiderflower seemed to approve, though, for she was in the dream as well. I'm not quite sure what she was doing there, but she was there. ^_^;


Jun. 6th, 2006 12:11 pm
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